Mike Baur and the Swiss Start-Up Factory

Mike Baur is a former investor at Clariden and Salford and is also a Founding Partner of the Swiss Start-up Factory. With more than two decades understanding in the Swiss banking industry, Mike Baur is accountable to the financial records and the fundraising of the organization. He is well known for establishing Swiss Start-Up Factory. His reasons behind the founding of the organization were to strengthen the young-looking business persons in gaining practical knowledge in highly developed technological innovations.

The Swiss Start-Up Factory and its managing director, Mike Baur have received a boost from the news that Michael Hartweg will be joining the organization very soon. He is expected to give recommendation and invest in the companies that are willing to establish themselves in the trading market. Today, Michael Hartweg is joining the positions of the individuals who dropped out of the everyday economics business. His partnership with the organization turns him into a speculator in the youthful fintech industry. Joining Swiss Start-Up Factory will be an added advantage to the team as he will mentor founders and organizations in the fintech business.

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According to Swiss Start-Up Factory, the 44-year-old Hartweg will have the privilege to invest in the chosen startups developed from the factory’s surroundings. Hartmeg’s role will be earmarking the selected startups with the possibility for investors, coaching and evaluating the startups in the development stage.

The Swiss Start-Up Factory is scheduling the launching of the accelerator program this summer that will focus on the fintech organizations. To strengthen the team, Mike Baur has partnered with various agencies such as the fintech accelerator Fusion, which is based in Geneva. The three-month program is aimed at providing startups with coaching, mentoring, financing and the right of entry to the great entrepreneurial and investors set of connections.

The organization has developed the co-working spaces which are anticipated to act as the sources of like-minded persons with the necessary knowledge in creating and sharing links that are beneficial to the organization. The co-working spaces are expected to provide inexpensive prices for the meeting accommodation, writing desk, and workplace room. Other amenities projected to be provided by the co-working spaces include; free Wi-Fi, spacious storage room, and a bar.

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