The Ambition of Jose Manuel of Bring Change to Venezuela.

Jose Manuel is a thriving Venezuelan entrepreneur who acts as the Guárico State to the National Assembly’s representative. He is a former chairperson of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce and also once served as the leader of the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce, a post which he was appointed because of his business expertise and talent in entrepreneurship. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzales has knowledge and experience in the agriculture sector, and he wishes to share his expertise with as many Venezuelans as he can.

The business person believes that the current Venezuelan government is run by a few politicians, and he wants to speak up to so that there can be changes. He believes that his knowledge can be of great help to the Venezuelan people, and he would like to share it with them. His business in the agriculture industry brings him close to the people who depend on the solutions he offers, and he wished that everyone should be given an opportunity participate in government. His inspiration comes from countries such as the Unite States, and according to Manuel, the motivation can significantly help the Venezuelan people. His great interest is in assisting the everyday citizens, and he is striving to ensure that people keep getting employment from companies similar to his.

Jose believes that the current state of the agriculture sector is very oppressing to the farmers. The management of the industry is poor, and farmers cannot have a stable income from selling their produce to the low prices in the market. If the situation does not improve, most farmers will shift to a more profitable business or start smuggling their food to other nations such as Columbia that offer better prices.

Mr. Manuel is a responsible Venezuelan citizen, and he would like his country to improve. He believes in himself and knows that he can significantly assist in bringing change to Venezuela, but he wishes to be given a chance to be part of the government. According to him, he has the skills to bring a positive change to the administration and devolve it to the ordinary citizens of Venezuela.