Dick DeVos Has Hired The Stow Company’s New CEO

Dick DeVos has now brought in a new CEO to run The Stow Company, Inc. The Stow Company is an offshoot of Dick’s Grand Rapids investment firm, The Windquest Group, and it’s a major distributor of home storage and closet space solutions throughout Michigan and the Midwest. The new CEO is Phil Dolci, who will take over for the recently retired Frank Newman. Dolci is a man with years of executive experience, helping to grow companies like Rubbermaid’s Sanford subsidiary, Kraft Foods, and the shooting sports distribution company, Crossman Corporation. Dick is delighted with Dolci’s resume and is eager to see the contributions he will make to The Stowe Company.


Dick DeVos is a longtime entrepreneur himself, and he has helped Amway Corporation and its subsidiaries, as well as The Windquest Group grow sales over the years in the billions of dollars. He’s the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway and brother of DP Ventures CEO Daniel DeVos, and Amway’s current CEO Doug DeVos. Dick DeVos started at Amway in 1974 after completing his degree at Northwood University, and became a vice president along with his brothers in 1984. His father appointed him CEO in 1993 when he retired, and Dick turned Amway and its subsidiaries into an international sales giant, running the company for 10 years before his brother Doug took over.


Dick and his wife Betsy are the proud parents of four, and one of Michigan’s most generous philanthropists who have donated over $90 billion over the years. Organizations that have received the DeVos’s charity include Potter’s House Christian School, Hudson Institute, The Kennedy Center, The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Mars Hill Bible Fellowship, The Heritage Foundation, and many more. The DeVos’s helped startup Great Lakes Education Project, and The West Michigan Aviation Academy, one of the first of its kind charter schools that also teaches aviation mechanics.


The DeVos’s have long supported the Republican party, donating to both local and national election Republican candidates. Betsy served as chair of the Michigan Republican Party over 15 years ago, and Dick ran for governor in the 2006 race against Jennifer Granholm. He is also author of the New York Times bestseller of 1998, Rediscovering American Values, in which former President Gerald R. Ford provides the forward, and Dick discusses how important conservative values are to America’s prosperity. Dick also is an avid sail boat racer and has raced in the Chicago-Mackinac race.


Raj Fernando the Business Innovator

Raj Fernando is a business innovator who has founded various trading platform. Raj has a Bachelors Degree in Economics and History from Beloit College a field of study he desired to pursue since his childhood. While still studying, Raj Fernando kicked off his career as an intern in Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Due to his efforts and devotion, Raj rose in positions and later became the board member of Trade. After successive stages of being in leadership, Raj founded his company. From the advanced experience and knowledge in trading and exchange, Raj s started Chopper Trading. Chopper Trading is a trading platform which caters for all trading needs of the clients. Since its inception in 2002, Raj ran the company under firm strategies that saw it report positive outcomes and huge profits.

Under Raj’s tenure as the CEO of the company, the company employed more than 250 employees and traded on the ICE, Nasqad, LCE, Eurex, ICAP-Brokotek, and CME. Raj contributed to the work of CFTS whose mission is to establish transparent and financially competitive markets. Later he participated as a featured panelist in a fiscal commission discussing disruptive trading practices that hinder the trade market from growing. Being a business specialist, Raj addressed international shareholders and media houses about the best conditions a trade market should have in the Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leaders Conference.

After 13 years in operation, Raj sold Chopper Trading to two firms in Chicago. The sale gave him enough capital to start his next big idea the internet start-up, Scoutahead. The company aim is to bring professional corporate growth through enhanced communication. Raj in his speech during the launch said that this is the best idea he has ever thought and he is confident that it will perform its purpose of global growth.

Raj’s enthusiasm to lead has seen him participate in various boards dealing with different issues including his recent position as a board member of International Security Advisory Board that deals with international market trends. Raj is a man who has gradually risen from one post to the next and does not entertain failure.


Bruce Levenson’s Career As An NBA Team Owner And Corporate Leader

Bruce Levenson began his career as a businessman. While he had multiple endeavors, he’s quite well known for his distinguished career in the communications industry. He also has done a lot of philanthropic work (read the related prnewswire.com article ), such as donating money to the US Holocaust Museum.

 Bruce Levenson is most well known as a NBA team owner. He managed the Atlanta Hawks for more than ten years, starting in 2004. In addition to being a team owner, he also was the owner of Phillips Arena. However, the team and arena has recently been sold. He was able to sell the team for several times what it was purchased, and he made a sizable profit from the sale. While he is no longer an NBA team owner, he is still involved with the NBA.

He managed the team well. This can still be seen from the fact that the Atlanta Hawks are still going strong, albeit currently under different ownership. The team is owned by a group of people that is led by a businessman named Tony Ressler. In addition to Ressler, there are several other individuals that have ownership rights. One of these individuals had a career as an NBA player. See: http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2015/04/23/bankers-for-levenson-oversold-atlanta-hawks-by-27/.

According to Time magazine, he also was one of the owners of a hockey team, called the Atlanta Thrashers. The team was also fairly successful while it was active. The Atlanta Thrashers played for five seasons in Atlanta. This team was sold in 2011, and after the sale, they relocated to Winnipeg. The sale of this team was quite successful with a sale price of 250 million dollars.


The Financial Wisdom Of George Soros

George Soros has an amazing track record of success in the world of finance. With a childhood plagued by the Holocaust, he managed to find a way to reach success regardless of those circumstances. As decades have gone by he has built one of the largest fortunes in the world. With a net worth of $24.9 billion, George Soros is among the 30 wealthiest people in the world. His financial wit has allowed him to make money regardless of the market conditions he faces. Whether there’s an economic boom or a recession George Soros continues to bring in money.

Much of the success of George Soros revolves around his ability to predict the activity of global markets. Even some of the most challenging categories of financial investment on nybooks.com he manages to succeed at unprecedented levels. His success in currency exchanges stands as a shining example of his talent. In 1992, George Soros invested heavily into British pound sterling until September 1992 which is when he then sold his investment for $10 billion dollars. He has successfully predicted financial disasters 3 times and avoided becoming a victim of these financial disasters with near flawless moves. Central to all of Soros’ financial investments is the Soros Fund Management. Founded in 1970 it has been Soros primary means of investing into the global markets. Later renamed the Quantum Fund Soros sought to make it the most successful hedge fund in world history. He has managed to continue to hold this title even during recent financial crises such as the 2008 subprime mortgage recession.

The fact that George Soros has made his hedge fund the most successful in history speaks to his amazing talent. There are many who have attempted to best him, but he still remains ahead of all others. Even with his generous philanthropy, numbered around $11 billion in contributions, he continues to dominate his selected target. His ability to predict financial disasters time and time again separates him from the rest of his peers. Though many have made some success, his ability to do so even during the worst storms is record breaking. You can take anything from the subprime mortgage crisis on Politico or even further back some of the financial disasters of the 1990s and you will see examples of his endurance. George Soros is one of the greatest examples of a rag to riches story you can find anywhere in the world.

NYC Apartments Are Great Places To Live


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There are a lot of NYC apartments for sale that are spread around a very large area. Someone could be in Manhattan looking for a much better place to live that is closer to work, or they want to live in Queens where they can be closer to their family. Everyone has their preference, and they can share that with the people at TOWN Residential to make the shopping search a lot easier. There is a happy medium between the price and the location for every property that TOWN Residential can find.


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Clay Siegall Career with Seattle Genetics and Beyond

Clay Siegall is someone who is passionate about his work. Over the past couple of years, he has led Seattle Genetics through a lot of great research. The company is dedicated to helping the field of science take the next step into the future. A lot of people are interested in genetics and the role they will play in the future. This is an area that Clay Siegall knows more about than almost anyone, and this is one of the reasons why his company has done so well. The combination of his business and science knowledge is a rare combination. Over time, his guidance has helped his company in a variety of ways.

Clay Siegall

From the time he was young, Clay Siegall was always interested in science. There are few people who are able to work in a field they love. However, Clay Siegall has a passion for genetics, and he is now leading one of the largest companies in the industry. There are a lot of great things going on in the field, and he is on the leading front of those changes. With all of his knowledge and experience, he has the opportunity to take things to the next level with his company. Seattle Genetics is poised for consistent growth over the next couple of years, and a lot of this growth is due to Clay Siegall.

Future Plans

In the future, the company plans to continue investing in the field of genetics. The investments made from previous years are starting to pay off. In medical research, finding one good cure or innovation can completely change a company. Often times, a company must devote time and money to finding just one new thing in their field. This is one of the reasons why Clay Siegall always has to have a long term approach. Working long hours can get tiring if you are only interested in short term results. However, Clay Siegall knows what it takes to get ahead, and that is why he is so confident in the future for his company.

Visit the company’s website here: