Bruce Levenson’s Career As An NBA Team Owner And Corporate Leader

Bruce Levenson began his career as a businessman. While he had multiple endeavors, he’s quite well known for his distinguished career in the communications industry. He also has done a lot of philanthropic work (read the related article ), such as donating money to the US Holocaust Museum.

 Bruce Levenson is most well known as a NBA team owner. He managed the Atlanta Hawks for more than ten years, starting in 2004. In addition to being a team owner, he also was the owner of Phillips Arena. However, the team and arena has recently been sold. He was able to sell the team for several times what it was purchased, and he made a sizable profit from the sale. While he is no longer an NBA team owner, he is still involved with the NBA.

He managed the team well. This can still be seen from the fact that the Atlanta Hawks are still going strong, albeit currently under different ownership. The team is owned by a group of people that is led by a businessman named Tony Ressler. In addition to Ressler, there are several other individuals that have ownership rights. One of these individuals had a career as an NBA player. See:

According to Time magazine, he also was one of the owners of a hockey team, called the Atlanta Thrashers. The team was also fairly successful while it was active. The Atlanta Thrashers played for five seasons in Atlanta. This team was sold in 2011, and after the sale, they relocated to Winnipeg. The sale of this team was quite successful with a sale price of 250 million dollars.