Raj Fernando the Business Innovator

Raj Fernando is a business innovator who has founded various trading platform. Raj has a Bachelors Degree in Economics and History from Beloit College a field of study he desired to pursue since his childhood. While still studying, Raj Fernando kicked off his career as an intern in Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Due to his efforts and devotion, Raj rose in positions and later became the board member of Trade. After successive stages of being in leadership, Raj founded his company. From the advanced experience and knowledge in trading and exchange, Raj s started Chopper Trading. Chopper Trading is a trading platform which caters for all trading needs of the clients. Since its inception in 2002, Raj ran the company under firm strategies that saw it report positive outcomes and huge profits.

Under Raj’s tenure as the CEO of the company, the company employed more than 250 employees and traded on the ICE, Nasqad, LCE, Eurex, ICAP-Brokotek, and CME. Raj contributed to the work of CFTS whose mission is to establish transparent and financially competitive markets. Later he participated as a featured panelist in a fiscal commission discussing disruptive trading practices that hinder the trade market from growing. Being a business specialist, Raj addressed international shareholders and media houses about the best conditions a trade market should have in the Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leaders Conference.

After 13 years in operation, Raj sold Chopper Trading to two firms in Chicago. The sale gave him enough capital to start his next big idea the internet start-up, Scoutahead. The company aim is to bring professional corporate growth through enhanced communication. Raj in his speech during the launch said that this is the best idea he has ever thought and he is confident that it will perform its purpose of global growth.

Raj’s enthusiasm to lead has seen him participate in various boards dealing with different issues including his recent position as a board member of International Security Advisory Board that deals with international market trends. Raj is a man who has gradually risen from one post to the next and does not entertain failure.