Dick DeVos Has Hired The Stow Company’s New CEO

Dick DeVos has now brought in a new CEO to run The Stow Company, Inc. The Stow Company is an offshoot of Dick’s Grand Rapids investment firm, The Windquest Group, and it’s a major distributor of home storage and closet space solutions throughout Michigan and the Midwest. The new CEO is Phil Dolci, who will take over for the recently retired Frank Newman. Dolci is a man with years of executive experience, helping to grow companies like Rubbermaid’s Sanford subsidiary, Kraft Foods, and the shooting sports distribution company, Crossman Corporation. Dick is delighted with Dolci’s resume and is eager to see the contributions he will make to The Stowe Company.


Dick DeVos is a longtime entrepreneur himself, and he has helped Amway Corporation and its subsidiaries, as well as The Windquest Group grow sales over the years in the billions of dollars. He’s the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway and brother of DP Ventures CEO Daniel DeVos, and Amway’s current CEO Doug DeVos. Dick DeVos started at Amway in 1974 after completing his degree at Northwood University, and became a vice president along with his brothers in 1984. His father appointed him CEO in 1993 when he retired, and Dick turned Amway and its subsidiaries into an international sales giant, running the company for 10 years before his brother Doug took over.


Dick and his wife Betsy are the proud parents of four, and one of Michigan’s most generous philanthropists who have donated over $90 billion over the years. Organizations that have received the DeVos’s charity include Potter’s House Christian School, Hudson Institute, The Kennedy Center, The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Mars Hill Bible Fellowship, The Heritage Foundation, and many more. The DeVos’s helped startup Great Lakes Education Project, and The West Michigan Aviation Academy, one of the first of its kind charter schools that also teaches aviation mechanics.


The DeVos’s have long supported the Republican party, donating to both local and national election Republican candidates. Betsy served as chair of the Michigan Republican Party over 15 years ago, and Dick ran for governor in the 2006 race against Jennifer Granholm. He is also author of the New York Times bestseller of 1998, Rediscovering American Values, in which former President Gerald R. Ford provides the forward, and Dick discusses how important conservative values are to America’s prosperity. Dick also is an avid sail boat racer and has raced in the Chicago-Mackinac race.