Luckily, say no to dry lips. Thanks to Lip Balm. In every woman’s purse, you will never miss a lip balm. Lip balm is the trending way of ensuring that your lips are not dry. There are various lip balms available in the market. This article outlines the best affordable lip balms in the market to sooth your dry lips.


To top up the list is the Evolution of Smooth, also known as Eos lip balms. According to, Evolution of Smooth lip balm is rich in vitamin E, blended with jojoba oil, delightful shea butter and pleasantly flavored natural lip balms. The Evolution of Smooth lip balm is ideal to the lips due to; they are natural, petrolatum free, and dermatologist tested to sooth every dry lip.

The Evolution of Smooth lip balms comes in different varieties to choose. The product line-up consists of;

  1. a) Organic smooth spheres with; passion fruit, or strawberry sorbet, or blueberry acai or pomegranate raspberry
  2. b) Visibility soft-smooth spheres; Vanilla mint or coconut milk or blackberry nectar.
  3. c) Shimmer smooth areas with sheer pink or pearl
  4. d) Active Protection smooth spheres with lemon twist with SPF or Fresh grapefruit
  5. e) Organic-smooth sticks with pomegranate raspberry, or vanilla bean or sweet mint
  6. f) Multipacks

EOS lip balms products are considered to be the best brand used by America idols such as Christina Aguilera, Hillary DUFF, Demi Lovato and Bar Rafaeli. Its growth in the market since its introduction made it climb the ladder to the best-selling lip balm in the country. Evolution of Smooth lip balms is now competing with long serving and famous brands such as Burt’s Bees, Blistex and Chapstick. From as little as $ 4.32 to as high as $ 7.21 get your Evolution of Smooth lip balms on Walmart now!


Beessential orange ginger lip balm does not only nourish and smooth dry lips, but it also produces an awful scent. Unlike other lip balms, Beessential orange ginger lip balm is not waxy or thick it is extraordinarily moisturizing. It goes for only $ 2.99.


Through Recycling, Sam Tabar and Full Cycle are Improving People’s Living Conditions

Sam Tabar is a leading New York attorney who holds a Master’s degree in Law from Columbia Law School. His Bachelor’s Degree is in Arts from Oxford University. Tabar is the COO of FullCycle Fund, a company that was started founded in 2013 by Managing Partner Ibrahim AlHusseini. FullCycle Fund Company specializes in the management of waste through recycling of polluting oil to become more eco-friendly. The firm gets polluting fuel from municipal solid waste and converts it to a cleaner state to power communities around the world. Since its establishment, FullCycle has provided clients with the capital to install technologically advanced power generation machines that recycle waste to avoid carbon emission. The machines are designed to meet the technological requirements while maintaining low operating costs.

FullCycle’s activities are supported by its primary partner, Synova Company. Synova helps in the process of project identification and implementation. Through sheer innovation, the companies have designed and patented the OLGA design which is transforming the way gasification is carried out. The two companies are improving the lives of people through the provision of cleaner, more affordable fuel, while at the same time cleaning the environment.

Sam Tabar’s recent appointment as COO of FullCycle is the result of the highly successful entrepreneur’s vast experience in the financial sector. Tabar is an excellent financial strategist who has guided several large firms to consistently impressive results. In the past, he served as hedge fund manager in the Bank of America. Tabar also worked at Merrill Lynch as a Capital Strategy Manager. Before then he had worked as Deputy Manager of Marketing at Sparx Group, one of the largest independent funds in the world. As an investor, Sam Tabar has interests in firms that provide beauty and hygiene products for ladies. He also runs his hedge fund management firm which he founded in 2014.

How Flavio Maluf Experience is Key to Growth at Eucatex

Flavio Maluf serves as the president and chief executive officer of Eucatex, a Brazilian company that has interests in the construction and manufacturing industry. He has been working in the family-owned business for close to three decades. During this period, he has served in several departments, something that has made him to have an understanding about the firm’s operations. Since becoming the company’s president, Mr. Maluf has been focusing on modernizing operations to enable it meet the needs of the market.

Flavio is an alumnus of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado from where he holds a mechanical engineering degree. In addition, he studied finance, trade, and commerce at New York University. While living and studying in New York, Flavio had the opportunity to work at several multinationals. Coming back to Brazil, his experience helped shape his impressive managerial career. He rose through the ranks to be appointed to the firm’s executive board before ascending to the presidency. He has served in that capacity for nearly ten years. During this time, the company has experienced massive success.

Career Highlights

As company president, Flavio’s main focus has been streamlining and modernizing operations. Through his efforts, the company has been able to add new products and services to its portfolio. The company’s management structure has similarly been changed, something that has made Eucatex more efficient and profitable. It is currently ranked among the largest corporations in Brazil. Notable acquisitions have been made during Flavio’s stint at the helm. In addition, the company has acquired several factories in an ambitious expansion move.

About Eucatex

The company has been in operation for more than 61 years. It is involved in the production and marketing of insulators and liners made from eucalyptus. It mainly serves the construction and furniture sectors. It supplies modular partitions, paints, and laminate doors to the construction industry. The company’s products are manufactured in a meticulous process to ensure that they meet the highest quality. Its products are exported to more than 37 countries. Since Flavio ascended to the presidency, Eucatex has been registering massive profits. The company has also been sponsoring several community-based initiatives in Sao Paolo and other Brazilian cities.

Making the World a Better Place

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Executive Search, He is a dedicated entrepreneur for more than 15 years he has been working in the executive search company. He started working as a Manager of the Alternative Investment Division with Dynamic Associates. He is also a skilled in staffing, hiring strategy and hedge fund compensation. As a philanthropist he helps uncommon schools by offering students the gears they want to get work after college and also funding Hopes and Heroes.


In 2002 he launched Alternative Investment Practice inside Dynamics Executives Search, once releasing hedge fund corporate is a fast-rising market that was not wanted by the search residents. Keith Mann developed Dynamics Search Partners as the leading management in searching firm devoted to different investment firms. He partners with schools and private equity industries therefore, having over 2000 clients.


Dynamic Search Partners displayed assistance to the New York Police Department after disputes within the police force .Keith Mann distributed lunch in the 54th street division to enhance their moral. His special links with the New York Police Department is through his uncle who is a detective in Staten Island. Due to the increasing violence it remains the reason for Keith Mann worries, he thinks that people can assist the police instead of standing against them.


He has been struggling and assisting the police on the current struggles they are experiencing by demonstrating for the New York Police Department, more than 150 people appeared. The related demonstration has been held all over the United States in spite of the growth of violent engagements in favor of protecting the police department. Keith Mann has faith that modest engagements can change the world by displaying assistance to the people who defend citizen every time.



Brad Reifler Advises Young People on Matters in Finance

Brad Reifler is a successful American entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Forefront Capital Management, which he founded in May 2009. Before being appointed to the position, he was the chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, a company he founded in 1995. He founded the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982 and sold it to Refco in 2000. In his entire career, he has held and still holds executive positions in quite a number of high-profile companies. describes him as keen on mentoring young people who look up to him as he shares business tips and advice on general life issues on his Twitter profile and through other avenues.

Important Lessons on Finance

Brad Reifler has learned many important lessons about finance throughout his career and in his life in general.One of these is the importance of budgeting for better management of your finances. Reifler wrote on the Huffington Post that he believes that it is always crucial to have the future in mind as you spend so as to avoid running into debt. Budgeting helps you plan your resources and helps you avoid having unmet needs because of poor planning or spending money on unnecessary things. It is also important to know what deductions are made from your earnings. Many young people are not aware of the statutory deductions made from their earnings—and even if they are paid less than they earn. You should be keen to find out where your money goes.

Having a savings plan is important. No matter how insignificant you think the amount you are contributing is, it will make a huge difference in future as it earns interest over the deposit period. The importance of good credit cannot be overemphasized, especially if you plan on taking out a loan such as a mortgage. Therefore, you should work on maintaining a good credit rating. Learn to recognize the difference between a low price and a good deal. You can get quality goods and services at low prices if you shop around and bargain for a good deal. However, be careful not to sacrifice quality for a low price. If you have to pay your way through college, choose an affordable school and steer clear of expensive private universities. With these tips, Reifler believes you will have an easier time managing your finances and getting by with whatever little you have.  Get some more inspiration from what Brad has done in his past, including his charitable ventures for American veterans.

Ms. Martinez and her Amazing Work in the Music Industry

Ms. Martinez started out as a girl with a dream. Ever since she was a little girl, she knew that she had a talent and she wanted to use this talent to better the world. Her full name is Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martinez Luque. This beautiful pop star was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on February 1986.

Norka Luque was born a creative and positive individual. Most of her songs carry a message of hope that is meant to encourage and empower her listeners to remain optimistic no matter what they are going through.

She recognized her talent at a young age. She was only eight years when she compiled her first music album. The album largely featured works from other Latino artists such as Shakira. After Luque had graduated from high school, she moved to France. Even though her main intention of moving to France was to pursue higher education, she did not forget about her musical ambition.

She created time to perform in different clubs in France. Additionally, she joined a punk and funk band as a lead singer. The band spotted her during one of her performances and became interested in her unique voice. With the band, she got the chance to meet different artists, producers and songwriters in the French music community.

Ms. Martinez graduated with a degree in business administration and got employed in the banking sector of Monaco. She stayed in the banking job for several months before quitting. Norka was passionate about pursuing a career in music where Norka Martinez could utilize her musical talents. She packed her bags and moved to the United States.

Like with most musicians, becoming known in the music industry takes more than just hard work. Ms. Martinez started performing at nightclubs in the Miami region before meeting the Latin music producer Emilio Estefan in 2008. Meeting Mr. Estefan changed her life. Emilio took her under his wings and channeled her towards success.

Her first album came out in 2011. This album was worked on by a team of professionals including Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena, and Luigi Giraldo. Songs such as “As You Do It” and “Milagro” did very well on the music charts. “As You Do It” got her a nomination for the Best Female Pop Artist in the 2011 Lo Nuestro Latin Music Awards.

Find Ms. Martinez on Facebook to learn more about her work as well as personal life.

Choosing Online reputation management Service

Are you new to online reputation management and need someone to explain it to you? Do you want to take control of your reputation and make sure that the image of your business or brand does not get tarnished?

Online reputation management empowers you to control the spread of your personal information or the way you are portrayed to others.

Online reputation management is the process of controlling how you are perceived online. It involves building a great profile of you or your company so that people will be impressed with what they read. With the services of a reliable online reputation management company, you will be able to track what is being displayed when someone searches your brand name in search engines.

Using innovated strategies and techniques, you can repair existing damages, monitor your reputation, and protect against new threats or attacks, all while building an impressive online reputation and credibility.

It is important to understand how to publish positive content in the top positions of search result pages and suppress unwanted content. Irrelevant or negative results tarnish the brand image if somebody finds them in the search engines, so it is extremely important to populate the search engines with positive content about your business or brand.

Online reputation management’s an essential and challenging task for many businesses. It is difficult to keep track of conversations and acquire huge numbers of positive reviews. Online reputation Reviews conveys the image of brand and is highly essential for achieving great success in your endeavor. If you are wondering how to remove the derogatory reviews about your company or brand or wish to improve your existing band image, reputation management experts can help you. You need to contact a reliable firm with a team of qualified professionals to build or fortify your online reputation.

It is important to choose a reputation management firm that has sophisticated, revolutionary techniques that maximizes accuracy and speed for each campaign. You should look for a company that has the quality resources and experts to maximize the impact in order to create results that last.


Sam Tabar’s Leadership and Financial Management Skills


Sam Tabar is a financial strategist and a New York-based attorney. Sam has led a very exciting and impeccable career. He holds degrees in law from Columbia School of Law and Oxford University.

He started his career as an associate at Skadden Arps, Meagher, Roth $ Zabel and later moved onto capital strategy and business development. Although successfully earn two recent positions one, as the CEO of the Full Cycle Energy Fund and as the Chief Financial Officer of the Awearable Apparel.

In 2013, while still serving as an associate attorney for Schulte, Sam also worked at Merrill Lynch & Co. lnc, as the Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction. Tobar has also worked in many other companies including the Sparx Group (PMA) where he was the Co-Head Marketing.

In his recent article on the question, when parents should stop supporting their adult children, Sam Tabar has perfectly shown his wisdom in the way he handles life. This wisdom is well presented by the various investment strategies he used. He has a sound knowledge of minimizing losses and making huge profits. His outstanding skills have earned him trust from many people.

From the hedge funds, Sam has gained sufficient knowledge on the financial industry, understanding that has boosted his economic prosperity.

He has an extensive experience and expertise in hedge fund strategy and management. From his legal training, Sam gained a keen eye and unique perspective in the hedge fund management. Sam has proven his ability to raise to even greater heights. He instills people with innovative minds on how they can raise their standards and others.

He warns the parents who support their adult children to take an honest look at the future after they retire and the fate of their children after they are gone. He discourages parents from risking their financial lives on account of their children who are capable of supporting themselves.

Money management is one of the most critical skills every investor should own. Proper management of money is an elemental sign of discipline, intelligence and responsibility. As an example, Sam has shown how good he on issues about money management.

Through the article and his life, Sam Tabar has proven himself as one of the greatest game changers to keep watch. He is one of the best leaders the current generation needs.  With his appointment to COO of FullCycle Fund, Sam plans to do many things to help the company, and the future of clean energy.