Making the World a Better Place

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Executive Search, He is a dedicated entrepreneur for more than 15 years he has been working in the executive search company. He started working as a Manager of the Alternative Investment Division with Dynamic Associates. He is also a skilled in staffing, hiring strategy and hedge fund compensation. As a philanthropist he helps uncommon schools by offering students the gears they want to get work after college and also funding Hopes and Heroes.


In 2002 he launched Alternative Investment Practice inside Dynamics Executives Search, once releasing hedge fund corporate is a fast-rising market that was not wanted by the search residents. Keith Mann developed Dynamics Search Partners as the leading management in searching firm devoted to different investment firms. He partners with schools and private equity industries therefore, having over 2000 clients.


Dynamic Search Partners displayed assistance to the New York Police Department after disputes within the police force .Keith Mann distributed lunch in the 54th street division to enhance their moral. His special links with the New York Police Department is through his uncle who is a detective in Staten Island. Due to the increasing violence it remains the reason for Keith Mann worries, he thinks that people can assist the police instead of standing against them.


He has been struggling and assisting the police on the current struggles they are experiencing by demonstrating for the New York Police Department, more than 150 people appeared. The related demonstration has been held all over the United States in spite of the growth of violent engagements in favor of protecting the police department. Keith Mann has faith that modest engagements can change the world by displaying assistance to the people who defend citizen every time.