Igor Cornelsen Leads His Investors On A Global Investment Journey


The life and career of Igor Cornelsen has taken him on an incredible journey to success that should have led to an enjoyable retirement playing golf in Florida; however, Igor Cornelsen is not the kind of person to simply sit back and give up on the financial career he has built over a number of decades. Igor Cornelsen has now brought his skills to the Bainbridge Investments group he has been working with as an investment specialist and consultant for a client list that now reaches around the world.


As a financial specialist Igor Cornelsen has the kind of career experience it is difficult to replicate for the clients he works with at Bainbridge. Cornelsen spent the majority of his career working in the Brazilian banking industry where he built a reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted leaders in the country; the work of Igor took him to some of the top banks in Brazil and allowed him to build an understanding of the Brazilian financial industry and the way global investing should be completed. Cornelsen became an important figure for many in Brazil when he was trusted to guide many of the top banks in the country through the difficult financial period at the start of the 21st century.


The global approach Igor Cornelsen has always taken to the financial industry is also shown in the way he interacts with the impressive client list at Bainbridge Investments. Igor does not believe he should invest the funds of his clients without allowing them the chance to understand how and why financial transactions are taking place, and allows every client the chance to play an active role in how their funds are being handled at all times. Tripod points out that not only does Igor Cornelsen take an innovative approach to investing, but he feels the chance to continue a long term investment strategy pays off to a greater extent than chasing short term deals that constantly leave financial specialists hunting for the next big deal.  Read more about Igor’s advice on where Brazil’s economy is going on PRLog.