Securus Trying To Show You How Wonderful Video Visitation Can Be

Securus Technologies wants you to know about its video visitation technology. Securus is a telecommunications company that does business with the criminal justice system. The company specifically provides communication services to prisons and jails. The company currently services over 100 prison and jail facilities across the country.

You have likely never heard of Securus or video visitation technology. That’s exactly why this company needs to do an advertising outreach. The company hopes that you like their services enough to lobby your own lawmakers for more Securus contracts.

Learn more about Securus Technologies at Wikipedia.

The video visitation service acts something like a video chat. It would be a little shortsighted to actually call it a video chat, though. The technology does so much more. A video visitation starts on the Securus website. The user, anybody trying to visit with the prisoner, sets up an account with Securus. This account becomes the user’s portal.

The user can then request a video chat time inside of their Securus accounts. That request then goes to the prison facility to be approved or denied. The user is notified instantly upon approval and the video chat begins when the user logs back into their account. The average cost of a video visitation is less than three dollars.

Imagine what that could do for a family with a loved one in prison. Most prisoners are sent far away from their homes to serve their time. Many families cannot afford the travel costs and the time it takes to perform a physical visit of the prison. Video visitation allows the family to save in person visits for special occasions while using the video chat service for everyday communications. This kind of awesome service needs to be advertised because it is not available to the general public. It is only available to people who know somebody in prison.