Sam Tabar’s Career Shifts Over Time

Sam Tabar, an attorney and a financial strategist based out of New York, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts from Oxford University and then went to Columbia Law School. Designated as the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review where he was studying law, he graduated from Columbia Law School with a Master’s degree. He then went on to work as a new associate in Skadden, Slater and Arps. At Skadden, his main duty was to advise clients on the best way to lawfully shape hedge funds and the structures of such associations until 2004. In 2004, he went ahead to join the finance business at PMA Investment Advisors, which is situated in Hong Kong, and serves as a branch of the Sparx Group Company leaving the law business. The rundown of organizations in which Sam Tabar has been partnered throughout the years is more than quite recently noteworthy.

The rundown is demonstrative of the particular information and experience he has picked up. Working with such a variety of organizations has its prizes. His eloquence in both French, English and occasionally Japanese helped him all through his prosperous vocation in the legal and finance world. He then decided to retire in 2014.

While working with the Columbia Business Law Journal, he participated in editing and writing jobs. After all that, he decided to learn investments trends and team up with private investors to make money. He has worked with SheThinx which is a firm that focuses on changing the look of famine hygiene. The objective is to help ladies feel more sure about their regular day to day existences and also urge women to venture out into the social settings and be creative. He continues to offer a helping hand to small firms looking to use the skills that he has gathered to reach their full potential. Many people who have had the pleasure of working with him have nothing but good things to say calling him smart and very experienced. Outside of work, he continues to enjoy photography, and this can be seen on his Instagram page. There is no doubt that Sam Tabar will continue with his good work and put his experience to good use.

Todd Lubar Started His Real Estate Career As A Loan Originator

One of the misconceptions about successful people in the real estate industry is that success just came overnight. Many people think that success just happens for the successful people in the real estate industry. However, this thought is far from the truth. In actuality, successful people in the real estate profession usually have to work extremely hard to achieve the level of success that they achieve.


In many cases, it takes hard work and determination over a long time period before the success is realized. Successful people in real estate have to learn a lot about the real estate industry and their particular niche in the real estate industry before they can become successful. This takes time and dedication. Another thing that is needed for success is experience. Real estate professionals need experience in the real estate industry to give them a foundation for real estate success.


A successful real estate professional who put in hard work to achieve his success in the real estate industry is Todd Lubar. As a real estate professional, Todd Lubar has been working in the industry since 1995. Over that time period, Todd Lubar went from being a loan originator to owning numerous real estate businesses that are all very successful.


The primary focus of the real estate businesses that Todd Lubar owns is real estate loans. With his real estate businesses, Todd Lubar helps people secure real estate loans to purchase the real estate property they desire. Todd Lubar has an extensive background in real estate loans. He worked in this area of the real estate industry for over a decade before starting his own real estate businesses.


The desire that Todd Lubar has for real estate loans was developed during his first job in the real estate industry, which was as a loan originator. He learned a great deal over the decade he worked in various real estate loan positions before he started his own real estate companies.

Danilo Diaz Granados Holds an Amazing Event

The co-founder of TOYS for BOYS, Danilo Diaz Granados, hosted an amazing event for guests in Miami. The event featured exclusive previews, helicopter rides, time at the racetrack and some fine dining. There was even a sunset boat ride. Since he cofounded the company in 2013, he always hosts such kind of events for affluent guests.

His aim was to create an opportunity for his guests to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience. He was glad that he was able to create a place for men in Miami to check out the most exclusive products and places. The guests, who were all selected, were given the opportunity to enjoy breakfast at the One Thousand Museum sales center. Additionally, the guests were given exclusive access to the upcoming residential building in the Biscayne area, Miami.

Mr. Granados took part in the 30-minute helicopter ride to Palm Beach Race Track. All the men were given a chance to get behind the wheel and go around the track. After that, guests were flown back by helicopter, where they were given Dom Perignon champagne. Later, they were served lunch at the River Yacht Club. Dom Perignon hosted the lunch.

After that long and interesting day, the guests were treated to a sunset boat ride. They tested the newest boats from Van Dutch and Technomar during the boat ride. Danillo, together with top tier companies around Miami had managed to pull off an unforgettable experience on land, sea, and air. Among the sponsors were, Gryphon Racing, Van Dutch Americas, One Thousand Museum, and Air Commander Aerospace.

About Danilo Diaz Granados

Danillo is a graduate of Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He studied Economics and Entrepreneurship while at the University. When he moved to Miami, he decided to utilize this knowledge. That is when he decided to set up TOYS for BOYS. A boutique that caters to the luxury needs of men.

He has been an associate of Fireman Capital Partners since 2015. His role is to investigate the role of global issues in investments such as energy efficiency, hedge funds, and innovative startups. He was also given the responsibility of conducting intensive analysis to obtain on different factors that influence business.

Figueroa Camera Instructions

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a famous entrepreneur in Panama. He owns several businesses in Panama. He also assists Startup companies in their expansion and success journey. Panama is historically famous as a tourist and business center. Figueroa is often excited by the blend of excitement and vibrancy the city presents. He is marveled with the amazing glass skyscraper landmarks, the Panama Canal, and the modern art galleries of the city. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa also takes pleasure in exploring the DiabloRosso region of Panama. This is home to the modern art galleries filled with world famous and local artistry works. Figueroa enjoys taking photos of the art pieces and gives some guidelines on how to achieve better images when taking pictures with Smartphone. He states that Smartphone Cameras have various inbuilt weaknesses and strengths. A Smartphone user can reach exceptional image qualities by putting emphasis on the good and downplaying terrible ones. Source:

Crop but not Zoom
Many Smartphone presents the digital zoom function on However, the renowned expert advises people to keep away from the function. He says that zoomed images are degraded since the phone camera only extrapolates what is there and do not capture the real image as expected. He concludes that zoomed images are ugly on the first impressions. Figueroa says that when you crop an image, you are merely sampling the recorded image pixels. The image’s quality is substantially improved.

Editing but not Filtering
Figueroa declares that the last thing you can afford is painting the images with the same filters that many people use on Sharing the same overused elements is old fashion. He suggests the acquisition of best full-on image apps such as iPhoto, Photoshop Express, or SnapSeed. These apps allow Smartphone users to make realistic adjustments like sharpness, color, temperature, and contrast.

Avoiding the Flash
Figueroa also affirms that most Smartphones have flashes that do not flash well. They are overvalued LED flashlights on Facebook forced into a function that they are not equipped to perform. He says that flashlights are bright though the color temperature is unpleasant. They end up not freezing the action in the frame. Most flashlights also have prolonged duration. Hence, they make an image terribly-lit and blurry. It is also important to note that the flash is located close to the camera lens which turns out facial images with unpleasant looking ‘demon eyes.’ He advises Smartphone users to find alternative light sources when shooting in dark or lowly light areas.

Bold, Bright, & Brazen: Lime Crime’s Electric Love

Whether you feel like your makeup routine could use a facelift in the new year, or you’re just one of those people that enjoys experimenting with all things indie, Lime Crime and their impressive, extensive line of brilliant cosmetics may be just what you’re looking for. It’s important to note, however, that this isn’t your grandmother’s foundation and rouge – the brand boasts a unique and fashion-forward collection that is geared toward the modern, the daring, and the delightfully psychedelic.


Some of their standout products involve giving a whole lot of lip, and their hues and shades are not for the faint of heart. Lime Crime’s Metallic Velvetines, in shades like “Raisin Hell” and “Mercury”, put a new spin on the matte finish lipstick that has risen to popularity in recent years. These liquid colors coat your pout like a bold matte base would, but have a luster that is unable to be found elsewhere. If a matte finish is more your style, they’ve got those too, as well as Diamond Crushers which put some serious sparkle on your mouth.

If your eyelids are in need of some drama, the brand has got you covered. With gorgeous and unbelievably rich hues that get on and stay on, their Venus line of palettes should be your go-to. From glittery green to rusty red, these colors are bound to be a conversation starter anywhere you go. If you’re craving a winged cat eye, there are excellent liquid liner options to have you purring in no time. Best part? Their products come in bundles too, so you can pay once and get enough goods to rock your look for a long time.


Led by trailblazing creator Doe Deere, Lime Crime is about being more than just a pretty face. Their products are all 100% vegan, and none are tested on animals, proving you don’t have to sacrifice your values for beauty. If you’re on the hunt for makeup that is as expressive as you are, or if you have heard the buzz and want to see what it’s all about, this brand has something amazing waiting for you.  Shop them on UrbanOutfitters, or follow Lime Crime’s Facebook social media to get up to date information about when new things become available.

Hilarious Information Regarding Kabbalah Centre

Having been founded in 1984 by Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg, Kabbalah Centre has realized massive growth over the years. It was formed as a non-profit making organization aimed at offering courses in Kabbalistic learning and Zohar. Although the headquarters are in Los Angeles, the foundation has expanded to realize over fifty branches across the globe. The students who wish to undertake Kabbalah do not have to necessarily have the knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish texts. The approach to their learning is as friendly as that.

At Kabbalah it is believed that all the religions, be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism or even Buddhism are under a collective intelligence. For this reason, they do not fight any religion, rather supplement them. It is at Kabbalah Centre that you learn to primarily focus on your relationship with the essence of God as God is Himself incomprehensible.

Teachings on Specific Topics as Offered at Kabbalah Centre

Sex is a subject addressed and as explained by Yehuda Berg formerly a teacher at the Religion Centre, men should not generate semen without making love. They out rightly condemn masturbation because it is one way through which sperms fail to serve the intended purpose. Addressing astrology, there is such high regard to it, probably because it has been known to be part of Judaism in a great way. Though it was mainly opposed by the philosophers such as Maimonides, through the middle ages most Jews embraced it quite a lot.

Interesting to learn is that there is a Kabbalistic concept of Klippot. Here the argument is that everyone can directly connect to the essence of God, but Klippot bars the Spiritual energy from entering the physical. Bad behavior plays a major role in adding Klippot while studying and observing the Kabbalah and Jewish teachings removes Klippot.


Worth noting is that the Spirituality Centre has received continued patronage by the Jews. As well, it has grown so many branches in the United States of America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. Since it was founded, the Centre has been under able leadership and this has played a great role in enabling the facility stand the turbulent times.

Entrepreneur in the Spotlight: Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is an American entrepreneur and business leader with connections to a large number of companies. The grandson of REFCO founder Ray E. Friedman, Brad majored in Economics and Political Science at Bowdoin College where he earned his bachelor’s degree. In 1982, Brad Reifler founded his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation. After much success in optional financials, the company expanded and then, in 2000, was acquired by REFCO.

In 1995, Before the sale of Reifler Trading Corporation, Brad founded a side company named Pali Capital, a full-service broker dealer. For thirteen years he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and the business enjoyed great success earning hundreds of millions in profits and expanding overseas with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In addition to these achievements, Brad has served on multiple boards and advisory boards with companies such as the European American Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions, and Genesis Securities. Other companies for which he has served in leadership roles include REFCO, Inc., Symmetry Property Development, LLC, ITG Market Research, Inc., ROOT Exchange, ITG Investment Research, Inc., Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp, Root Markets, Inc., Majestic Research Corp, and Wins Finance Holdings, Inc., and more.

Brad Reifler is a Founder of New York City-based Forefront Capital Advisors, a global financial services firm specializing in advising clients in commodity trading and the foreign exchange market, and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. This subsequently led to the introduction of Forefront Income Trust, an investment program catering to non-accredited investors. He is also a Partner at CIFCO International Group, a company offering global advisory services to clients in a variety of industries.

In March of 2016, Forefront Capital Advisors announced a partnership with New Easter Seals Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, including a donation of three million dollars. In a press release shared by, Brad Reifler is quoted as saying the following:

Forefront Capital Advisors chose the partnership because we feel that Easter Seals Dixon Center has made a tremendously positive impact on the lives of veterans and military families by changing the conversation about these individuals who have served the United States so selflessly to highlight their potential and create life-changing opportunities for them.

A Hair Care Revolution That Works For All Hair Care Types

Healthy hair is at the top of every woman’s beauty regimen. What do you do with hair care products that cost a fortune? Better yet, ones that don’t live up to their celebrity advertisement? You find a hair care treatment that is reasonably priced with proven results. Wen by Chaz revolutionizes the way women nourish and pamper their hair. When women chose organic, rest assured their products are 95% all natural, infused with eleven essential amino acids. Best of all, they work for all kinds of hair types, working deep within the scalp from the root to tip.

Wen hair has been committed to rebuilding the hair for over 10+ years. Ironically, a recent Bustle online article has named them one of the fastest growing hair care products in the industry. If you’re experiencing a dirt buildup it is a great idea to have your hair shampooed or conditioner with one of many of their hair care treatment systems. You can restore your hair with an award winning product that is well known for being a go to hair care sensation. Managing your hair doesn’t have to be a tedious task and maintaining your locks with Wen by Chaz won’t cost a fortune.

Wen by Chaz Products

– Styling products

– Styling creme

– 5 day hair care treatment

– Mousse

– Deep cleansing conditioner

– Aromatherapy

and much more…

Thousands of women say they have transformed their hair in under 30 days from using their products. One young lady gave a testimonial on Bustle online and witnessed the results of the benefits of their product on her thin hair. Amazingly, she noticed far less breakage in the shower and compliments the effects on her mane. She now recommends their products to all their online readers.

Visit the official Wen by Chaz website for more details and promotional offers. Like the Wen hair care Facebook page and follow Wen hair care on Twitter to get updates!

Eric Pulier

 Greatness comes in a variety of forms over a broad range of topics or services. The main thing about it is that we all are great at something no matter the color, race, or creed. Finding our passion is what sets us apart from the next person and this article is written about a great individual of numerous talents. One of the most creative person’s of the 21st Century is Eric Pulier. This guy is high in intelligence and high in ambition. From a very age, Pulier always had a creative side as he could develop things that many other much older people couldn’t. As a fourth grader he programmed his first computer. That’s right! His creativity also helped him in high school as he founded a computer database company. At this point the foundation at been set and the future seemed to be looking very bright for this talented person.

Pulier attended the prestigious Harvard University in 1984. During this time the English/American Literature Major began many projects. Having such strong ambition, Pulier seemed to have spread himself very thin as being and editor and column writer for The Harvard Crimson. I’d also like to mention that he took classes over at MIT as well. The amount of activity would be mentally draining for us mortal individuals, but this guy was truly a master of his many crafts. After graduation magna cum laude in 1988, Pulier took his talents to California to begin his professional career.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles in 1991, Pulier had already founded a company known as People Ding Things. This progressive company used innovative technology in the education and healthcare fields to resolve certain issues. It was a successful of course as the guy went on from there to be a founder of 14 more companies. Highly accomplished and in a league of his own, Pulier’s broad knowledge allowed him to invest in start-up companies, donate to charitable events, and develop many platforms for prominent politicians. As of today, Eric Pulier is a loving father of four and a true pioneer of success in the 21st Century.