Entrepreneur in the Spotlight: Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is an American entrepreneur and business leader with connections to a large number of companies. The grandson of REFCO founder Ray E. Friedman, Brad majored in Economics and Political Science at Bowdoin College where he earned his bachelor’s degree. In 1982, Brad Reifler founded his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation. After much success in optional financials, the company expanded and then, in 2000, was acquired by REFCO.

In 1995, Before the sale of Reifler Trading Corporation, Brad founded a side company named Pali Capital, a full-service broker dealer. For thirteen years he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and the business enjoyed great success earning hundreds of millions in profits and expanding overseas with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In addition to these achievements, Brad has served on multiple boards and advisory boards with companies such as the European American Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions, and Genesis Securities. Other companies for which he has served in leadership roles include REFCO, Inc., Symmetry Property Development, LLC, ITG Market Research, Inc., ROOT Exchange, ITG Investment Research, Inc., Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp, Root Markets, Inc., Majestic Research Corp, and Wins Finance Holdings, Inc., and more.

Brad Reifler is a Founder of New York City-based Forefront Capital Advisors, a global financial services firm specializing in advising clients in commodity trading and the foreign exchange market, and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. This subsequently led to the introduction of Forefront Income Trust, an investment program catering to non-accredited investors. He is also a Partner at CIFCO International Group, a company offering global advisory services to clients in a variety of industries.

In March of 2016, Forefront Capital Advisors announced a partnership with New Easter Seals Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, including a donation of three million dollars. In a press release shared by marketwired.com, Brad Reifler is quoted as saying the following:

Forefront Capital Advisors chose the partnership because we feel that Easter Seals Dixon Center has made a tremendously positive impact on the lives of veterans and military families by changing the conversation about these individuals who have served the United States so selflessly to highlight their potential and create life-changing opportunities for them.