Copa Star; A Five-Star Hospital in Rio

After three years of construction, the Copa Star Hospital was finally inaugurated in October 2016 in the magnificent city of Rio. Work began in 2013 with an estimated investment of close to $ 400 million being channeled into the project. Located in the southern zone of Rio, more specifically in Figueiredo Magalhães Street, in Copacabana, the hospital will majorly focus on surgical operation specializing in cardiology and neurology. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The Copa Star Hospital unites qualified service, comfort, luxury and sophisticated technology. The architectural project is reminiscent of a five-star hotel, opening its doors to a “class AA” clientele as described by Jorge Moll, a Rio de Janeiro cardiologist. Their goal is to attract patients who take the air bridge in search of high complexity care in São Paulo, especially in the Albert Einstein and Sírio-Libanês hospitals.

With 21,000 m² of occupied area and seven floors, the hospital combines technological innovation and refinement. The hospital has installed IPads for their inpatients, with just a few touches, it is possible to have a conversation with the doctor or to request attention from the nurses. This technology also aids the patients through automation of their functionalities. Through it, a patient can change the lighting of the room, open and close the curtains or access the results of their medical examinations together with their doctors.

The hospital has nine fully equipped operation rooms and 155 inpatient suites, 59 of which are in the Intensive Care Center (ICU). Three of the operation rooms are called hybrids, equipped with resonance and hemodynamic devices, among others, which allows the staff to perform exams while a patient is in operation. Costing more than a million dollar, the resonance equipment and microscope installed in the neurological surgery room were set up under the guidance of Paulo Niemeyer, a specialist body responsible for the industry.

Among the numerous innovations by the Copa Star Hospital, there is an attached area for the flow of stretchers and health professionals. Installed with three elevators, the unit ensures no patient will see the shuttle of stretchers and trolleys with bedding. For the comfort and safety of their patients, the hospital beds have inflammable mattresses to shape the patient’s positions.

The hospital goes beyond the environment of a hospital by providing its patients with a life outside a hospital experience. Cameras at the top of the eight-story building will transmit real-time footage of the Copacabana sea while the architecture of the building allows the entrance of natural light, which radiates even in the beds, and works of art are seen from all sides.

The Copa Star Hospital team is composed of 550 professionals which include 113 physicians. The staff underwent a two-month behavioral training at the hospital attended by actors, who simulated situations of crisis and daily life. The staff has been trained from how to approach patients to what clothes and makeup type to use.

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The Amazing Life Of George Soros

George Soros is one of the most powerful men in the world. He has used this enormous power to topple some of the most undemocratic regimes on earth, regimes that in some cases had held power for decades. George is just as involved in domestic issues; influencing American politics and culture more than any other living individual. George Soros is New York-based hedge fund manager with a personal fortune estimated to be over $13 billion, add to that, the $25 billion managed by his firm and you can see how he can use his fortune to influence causes he thinks are worthy of his efforts. George Soros realized as a young man, “money does not make the world go round,” but having money enables him to engage in social issues that concern him. His desires to change the world in general and America in particular with a new way of thinking that conforms to his ideas of social justice on Biography. George has a sense of humor, describing himself as a nut who wants to have an impact on how the world works.

The early life of George Soros is an incredible chapter in his life. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930, to a non-practising Jewish family, George Soros was subjected to persecution by the Nazis after their occupation of Budapest in 1944. His father decided to split up the family, hoping to minimize the possible murder of everyone in it. Through a series of forged papers, identifying the family as Christians, he was able to bribe individual Gentile families to take them into their homes. George wound up in the home of a Hungarian government official who claimed him as his Christian godson. While the official participated in the confiscation of Jewish property, George was only 14 years old and was nothing more than a spectator on NYTimes; He did not realize the ramifications of what he sometimes witnessed. Somehow the family survived and moved to England in 1947.

George Soros attended the London School of Economics, where a professor teaching at the school exposed him to the concept of an open society. Soros later stated this man became his “spiritual mentor” who introduced him to themes that would influence his thinking for the rest of his life. He graduated in 1952 and joined the firm of Singer and Friedlander where he became an expert in international arbitrage. Moving to New York in 1956 he went to work as a stock trader on Wall Street, at the time he did not particularly care for the United States, intending to leave after he accumulated enough money to return to Europe. We all know this did not happen, in fact, in 1991 George Soros became a U.S. citizen and one of the most successful businessmen in American history. There is much more to learn about this fascinating man; this article contains information from a recent piece in Discover the

Besty DeVos, Wife of Philanthropist Becomes Newest Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos is the 11th Education Secretary, recently a member of Donald Trump’s Presidential cabinet. She is the daughter of billionaire industrious Edgar Prince, and is the wife of Dick DeVos. They have four children and five grandchildren. Mrs. DeVos had graduated from Holland Christian High School. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mrs. DeVos’ younger brother Erik Prince is a former US Navy Seal. Mrs. DeVos has been an active member of the Republican Party for the past 35 years. The Michigan Republican Party has elected her chairperson four times. She has led many campaigns and party organizations. In her current position of Secretary of Education, she is focused on improving education in the United States. Mrs. DeVos also chairperson and board member of Windquest Group.

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Secretary DeVos and her husband have founded a society called Excellence in Education. Mrs. DeVos is behind Maine using the standard grade of ABCDEF to grade elements in rating the quality of schools, the same grading system that has been used to grade students achievements for decades. Betsy DeVos believes in schools vouchers. she thinks parents should be able to choose which schools their children attend instead of being stuck with schools that are in certain school boundaries. For example, the children who live over in the next block are not necessarily in the same school boundary as your child. This would be a shame if the school the children who live over in the next block attend is a better school than your child has to attend. Opening up school choice can change all this and give parents the freedom to send their children to any school they want to regardless of school boundaries. Helping parents in low-income families have school choice is especially important to DeVos. It has always been important to her that regardless of what economic class someone comes from, he should be able to have he best education available in order to achieve the highest potential.

During George W. Bush’s Presidency, he appointed Betsy DeVos a member of the board of directors for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Mrs. DeVos has already served on the committees for Art Prize. Six years ago, Mr. and Mrs. DeVos had donated $22.5 million, largest donation in the entire history of the center. According to, the donation was made on behalf of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. The Institute of Arts Management is dedicated to training future arts administrators ever since the then Kennedy Arts Director, Michael Klein, had proposed the idea to Mr. and Mrs. DeVos.

The Investment Techniques that Brad Reifler offers

Brad Reifler is a renowned entrepreneur who has established various successful businesses. An example of these enterprises is the Forefront Advisory and the Forefront Capital Management where he serves as the CEO. These two companies are advisory boards that have been offering clients excellent counseling in the forex and commodities sectors. Brad Reifler skills in his field are unparalleled, and he also has an experience of more than 30 years.

Mr. Reifler is an alumnus of the Bowdoin College, where he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science. The first company that he founded after graduating from college was the Reifler Trading Corporation. He opened it in 1982 and the main business that it was involved with was international derivatives. The firm became very prosperous, and it was later acquired by Refco. The entrepreneur then established another company that was known as Pali Capital, and this was where he made the greatest profits. He served as the chairperson and CEO of the firm for approximately 13 years and led it to generate profits that were worth $200 million. It has branches in UK, Australia, and the United States.

After leaving the firm, he started focusing on the progress of the Forefront Advisory. He has developed exceptional expertise in offering guidance to his clients. The commodity market and the foreign exchange sector are majorly characterized by volatility. Brad Reifler uses the experience that he gained during his three decades of service to offer advisory services to anyone who is interested in making great profits from investing.

Brad has also provided statements on how individuals can successfully take part in the investment world. He has appeared in public many times to discuss how the middle and lower class people can handle their finances so as to save some money for their future lives. His talks have been quoted by business media such as MarketWatch, the Reuters news, and Yahoo Finance. Brad Reifler has continued to offer his sincere guidance to the different communities. He assists people to discover new and exceptional methods that they can utilize so as to build a bright future that has financial freedom.

Eric Lefkofsky Journey at Tempus

Eric Lefkosky, an American entrepreneur and co-founder of various organisations such as Groupon, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, Uptake and Mediaocean. Furthermore, he is the founder of Light Bank, a capital firm venture based in Chicago. Erick Lefkosfsky was born on September 2, 1969, in Detroit, Michigan in the United States of America. He was raised up in Southfield, Michigan by his parents, his father Bill was a structural engineer and the mother Sanday who was a teacher.

Eric Lefkofsky joined the University of Michigan after graduating from the Southfield-Lathrup High School in the year 1987.In the year 1991 at the University of Michigan, he graduated with honours and proceeded to the University of Michigan Law School, where he attained his Juris Doctorate. Later on, Eric Lefkofsky started his career of purchasing and selling carpet at the University of Michigan.

As the founder of the most influential technical firms Chicago’s and the Groupon, he has contributed millions of dollars towards the cancer research which given him a good stepping stone to take a better approach cancer cure race. Erick Lefkosfky has been actively participating and working on the Tempus, which is a health-tech company that makes facilities to use improved and modern technology in the cancer treatment. The Tempus Company has been working hand in hand with the Light bank which is an early investment that developed into the Chicago, established by Erick Lefkofsky as the firm’s chairperson. He is also recognised as the president of a corporate which deals with the Illinois Secretary of State for the Tempus Health Company.

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The Tempus firm deals with assisting the healthcare professionals and doctors in establishing the real, correct data information and making personalised treatment decision using their also helps the doctors to understand the patient’s genetic code in the context of therapies and sequencing of the patient’s tumour. Tempus healthcare firm collects and carries out investigations on the genomically analysed information using the statistics and proprietary algorithms to realise the opportunities to assist patients in providing the best and perfect treatment. Currently, is working to treat patients with lung, pancreatic and breast cancer and have the vision to add more other types of cancer with time.

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A Great Place To Eat Is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

When people go to shopping malls, among the things they expect are places to buy clothing or electronics such as smartphones. However, they would not think that a mall would be a place to go to eat unless they are looking for fast food. However, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has a lot of restaurants available that present people with carefully cooked and prepared food from the menu. These meals are very high in quality and have some great bold flavors to them. At the same time, they are prepared as slowly as in a fine dining restaurant. This is one thing that makes Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping stand out from other malls.

It is not just that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has fine dining restaurants. It is that it has all types of establishments that allow people to eat the types of foods they want. Therefore, they are faced with a lot of options for their enjoyment. Local residents and travelers alike get to enjoy some of the food that they have to offer. Travelers get to enjoy some of the food that comes with the culture of Brazil. While it is nice to enjoy any type of food from any of the restaurants at Manaira Shopping, one of the best experiences come with the ability to choose some of the rare and unique dishes at the higher quality restaurants.

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Another reason to eat at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has a lot to do with the social experience that comes with eating. The environment of the mall and the restaurants are very relaxing. They also offer a lot of high quality drinks that will allow people to relax their minds and their bodies as they enjoy the great tasting meals that are presented to them. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping makes sure that the experience is welcoming and fun. Read more article at

Dez Perez Pushes Tidal Foreward as Sprint Invests in Tidal

Music streaming lovers need make no doubt about it: this is the next frontier for music. Many people have become dissatisfied with the radio. Others are no longer interested in buying full albums. Music streaming has become the measuring stick for the popularity of artists. Jay-Z recognized this a while ago and he purchased Tidal in order to get in on what was happening in the music streaming industry.


There were many barriers to entry so it took someone like Dez Perez to make Tidal a brand that people were interested in. This company has come a long way in a short amount of time and this is because Dez Perez has been in the background orchestrating the way that this company will move forward. She has the experience of someone with street knowledge, but she also knows how to carry herself in a business environment. She knows how to conduct herself in a way that is definitely going to change the way that people see Tidal. Desiree Perez is not someone that has become accustomed to simply taking what is given. To the contrary, Perez has been one that is willing to fight her way to the top and negotiate the contract in a way that will be beneficial for music artists and music streaming fans.  Click on 


Her hard work has not gone unnoticed because there is a growing customer database that Tidal has produced. This database has grown so well that Sprint executives have made decisions to invest in this music streaming service. The thing that is music company is ultimately showing consumers is that there is a real need for a company that has high fidelity music. This is what Tidal has to offer, and that is why this company is moving forward with the help of Desiree Perez.



Discover The Benefits Of Having A Reliable Medicare Advantage Plan

InnovaCare is backed by M.D., & MBA Richard Shinto, as CEO and Chief Officer. His goal is to provide top managed physician services under their Medicare Advantage Plan to a wide range of beneficiaries. In fact, when asked, Shinto admits that his beneficiaries come first. InnovaCare is committed to the highest level of customer service excellency in the industry. They are the largest managed physician services program in North America with over 24,000+ beneficiaries. Surprisingly, with over 25+ years experience in managed healthcare gives them a superior level of expertise. Richard Shinto has played a major role in pioneering InnovaCare to a complex healthcare system that is constantly evolving.

Their numbers demonstrate the commitment of their beneficiaries worldwide. The emotional and physical well being of their clients is important to InnovaCare says, Penelope Kokkindes, Assistant Chief Executive Officer. In an effort towards positive growth they have hired three top professionals to add a creative vision and leadership to their team. The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly complex and adding leadership professionals will allow InnovaCare to continue to successfully compete. They can continue to be a leading Medicare and Medicaid Advantage organization. Visit their company profile in LinkedIn.

The Benefits Of InnovaCare

InnovaCare is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and is a top managed physician services provider. You get quality Medicare plans along with physician services when and where you need it. They are building a positive healthcare environment that is centered around their customers and causing them to live a productive lifestyle. They are redefining healthcare management one step at a time. They offer two comprehensive Medicare Advantage plans that will allow you to receive extended medical and dental that is not allowed under the original Medicare and Medicaid program.

In a recent effort to provide the industries highest level of customer service satisfaction and extended services to their customers they have acquired First+ Medicare Advantage. This will add an additional 27,000+ beneficiaries along with $166 million in premium revenue. This will contribute to expanding their network and drive quality innovative throughout their team. Integrating services will help lower the cost of overhead finances. The transition has been a positive opportunity for growth within their managed healthcare leadership responsibilities. You’re invited to visit the InnovaCare website, land based facility, or call their 800 number for more details on becoming a beneficiary today.

Dumbbell Exercises for Fitness and Increasing Muscle Mass

Despite whether your goal is general wellbeing, extended mass, quality steadiness or upgraded athletic execution, block planning with dumbbells can empower you to arrive. We all in all need to experience the best gains in the briefest proportion of time, and research has exhibited that the most capable sort of value getting ready is with free weights.

Differentiated and any customary exercise machine, free weights pass on the most extraordinary change to your strong structure. Unlike rec focus machines, where centered muscles are isolated, getting ready with free weights controls your body to industriously use solid, settling muscles. The result is more snappy overhauls in quality than can be expert utilizing some other technique. Furthermore, the slightest requesting and best technique for quality getting ready with free weights is working out with dumbbells.

You can finish an entire exercise with dumbbells alone. They’re decreased and can be moved around viably. They’re definitely not hard to store, so you can rehearse at home and not worry over submitting an entire space to practice outfit. This is especially substantial with an adaptable dumbbell structure. They’re so adaptable you can work practically all parts of your body with them. In addition, specifically, they’re great.

The going with is an aggregate stomach zone work out – all you require is a plan of dumbbells and an activity situate. The activity centers around all the noteworthy muscle groups in the stomach territory, including the chest, shoulders, back, traps, biceps and triceps. For general health, molding, firming and exceptional exercise, you’ll be lifting more diminutive weights with high emphases. For building mass and through and through power, overpowering weights and low reps – regardless, the exercises are played out the same and give an aggregate and exceedingly reasonable stomach zone work out.

Chest Dumbbell Exercises

Level Chest Presses

Lying level on situate, hold the dumbbells clearly above chest with the arms widened

Lower dumbbells to the chest in a direct and controlled way

Bit by bit press dumbbells back to starting position

Do the best number of emphases as you can until disillusionment

Notes: Avoid locking elbows

Level Chest Flies

Lying level on situate, hold dumbbells clearly above chest, palm standing up to each other

As you plunge, wind elbows hardly and keep up all through the action

Open arms to sides. Elbows should remain anchored an imperceptibly flexed position

Feel a fair stretch in the pectorals

Exactly when upper arms are parallel to floor, reestablish the weights to the starting position and repeat.

Notes: Keep your feet level on the floor and your back level on the seat. Use a count of 3 in travel down, stop, and a count of 3 back up to starting position

Shoulder Dumbbell Exercises

Arranged Shoulder Presses

Sit upright on situate or use a mobile incline situate set to barely short of 90 degrees

Guarantee back is straight and level 3. Start with dumbbells indeed your head with palms looking forward

Progressively lower dumbbells to shoulders 5. Right when arms are at 90 degrees, press the dumbbells back up

Notes: Don’t break the dumbbells together and don’t jolt your elbows out. This action develops the entire shoulder muscle assembling and is in like manner significant for bear wounds. There is an inclination to lean back while playing out this action – don’t – this lessens its practicality and furthermore putting strain on the lower back.

Sidelong Raises

Stand upright, knees to some degree curved, bear width isolated, holding dumbbells before thighs

Raise upper arms to sides until the point that elbows are bear stature

Right when arms are parallel to floor, bit by bit lower and repeat

Notes: Maintain elbows’ height above or comparable to wrists and keep elbows fairly bowed all through. In the occasion that elbows drop lower than wrists, front deltoids end up basic mover as opposed to level deltoids.

Front Raises

Stand upright, knees to some degree contorted, feet bear width isolated, palms towards thighs

Bring one dumbbell particularly up before you to eye level with only a slight contort in the elbow – keep your body still so the principal deltoid is totally secured

Exactly when arm is parallel to ground cut down dumbbell progressively back

Repeat with the other arm. Notes: Keep a slight curve in the elbow while lifting

Notes: Great exercise for those with bear wounds, particularly rotator sleeve wounds

Back Dumbbell Exercise

Single Arm Row

Stand upright via situate. Place one knee up on the seat for help and the other on the floor and one arm rushed out on the seat. Stomach zone should be parallel to floor

Reach down and get a dumbbell with your free hand

Without hoodwinking, lift the dumbbell as step by step as could be allowed, keeping your stomach tight

Raise dumbbell up to your abdomen keeping back still all through improvement

Step by step bring down dumbbell to start position and repeat.

Notes: Keep your back level and parallel to the floor

Trapezius Dumbbell Exercise

Upright Rows

Stand upright, feet bear width isolated and knees barely bent

Handle dumbbells and stay with palms defying front of thighs – keep your back straight

Attract dumbbells to front of shoulder, catch stature, with elbows driving out to sides

Hold for a check of 2 and steadily lower to start position and repeat

Notes: The dumbbells should be close to the body as you raise them and the elbows should drive the development. Continue lifting until the point when the moment that they nearly contact your catch. As you lift the dumbbells, your elbows should constantly be higher than your lower arms. Moreover, in case you encounter the evil impacts of shoulder issues, you may need to keep away from this movement, substituting another sort of flat raise.

Biceps Dumbbell Exercise

Evangelist Curls

Set seat to 45 degree point – stay behind the seat

Hold dumbbell with arm totally connected on back rest

Keep down of upper arm against back rest and bend dumbbell up towards your face

Continuously lower dumbbell until the point when the moment that arm is about totally extended

Notes: Great for withdrawing the biceps and obliging them to work self-sufficiently. If all else fails, reliably hit the weakest arm first.

Triceps Dumbbell Exercise

French Presses

Lie level on situate, holding dumbbells direct above chest with palms going up against each other. Dumbbells should practically contact one other.

Keep your shoulders darted, your strong quality tight, chest up, and elbows stable

Allow your elbows to overlay so dumbbells are dropped down to either side of head.

Push the weight up, stopping just before your elbows are straight

Pivot the development pull back.

Notes: Always start with a light weight and guarantee you can lift it in a shielded and controlled way using incredible methodology. Using a heavier weight too soon can result in harm.

Adaptable dumbbells engage you to practice speedier and more splendid. They are remarkable space-savers, are more reasonable than comparable standard dumbbell sets, and are definitely not hard to use and supportive.

Business Consultation For The 21st Century

Have you ever heard of a guy named Jason Hope? Are you interested in the field of technology? More than likely you probably haven’t heard of this remarkable guy, but he has done some major things in the technology industry. Unfortunately it seems like the credit is never issued to the people who actually make a difference in society, but more so for entertainers and professional athletes. This is the world we live in, but just know that there are many talented people in this world who don’t necessarily make a living from holding a mic or throwing a ball.

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Technologist Jason Hope has been a major influencer in the field of technology. This guy has his hands in a number of projects that span across many industries. Technology is his game and he has used it to build a successful career and comfortable lifestyle. Jason Hope has a broad educational background that focuses in business. The Arizona State University Graduate has a Degree in Finance as well as an MBA. This has laid the groundwork to success and he’s used every bit of it to make a name for himself. Jason Hope also offers consultation services to up and coming technologist and start-up businesses. This service has been found to be very thorough and beneficial as it is designed to provide that extra push to help others succeed. This is just the kind of guy he is as he’s done many philanthropic things for society in-general.

SENS Research Foundation benefits as well from Jason Hope as he’s donated half a million dollars for it’s cause as well as many hours of his time. If everyone had the same mindset of this individual, the world would be a much better place.

Learn more about Jason Hope at’s-30-stock-increase-200173084