Securus Technologies Honored For Their Exceptional Customer Service

The 11th annual Stevie Awards are coming up and Securus Technologies has been announced as a finalist for their “Best Customer Service” award. The Stevie Awards are known for their multiple business awards programs. On February 24, Securus will be awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze for their excellent service. A gala banquet will take place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas where the winners will be announced.


77 judges from around the world evaluated more than 2300 nominees considered for 61 different categories.


Securus Technologies provides solutions and services to a unique population. Providing affordable communication systems to incarcerated individuals and their families poses some challenges. Those challenges are met through Securus’ extensive training in empathy. It is this philosophical approach to assisting clientele that has made Securus’ customer service team so amazing.


Recently, Securus recorded an all time high in call volume through their video and voice conferencing platform. Over 1 million calls were placed to families over Christmas, which is a crucial time for families to connect. It was their dedicated staff of 1350 associates, working hard to meet the demands of the call platform, that made this success possible.


Securus understands the significant role they play in meeting the communication needs of their customers. It is that understanding that has earned them this honor.