Rona Borre is the Model CEO

Since 2001 when Rona Borre started Instant Alliance in the spare bedroom of her Chicago condo, it has become one of the world’s leading staffing and recruiting companies. Instant alliance has grown to the stage of billing out millions in hiring fees, working with such notable companies as McDonald’s, the Arbonne National Laboratories, the University of Chicago and other major clients nationwide.  Related articles here.

Borre is passionate about helping companies grow by leveraging talented finance and technology talented people into new and growing companies too. She reasons that everyone starts small, but they grow because of their talented and energetic employees, and that is who Borre and her group of account executives find for client companies.

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One ingredient that Borre pinpointed that most staffing agencies don’t see is the relationships that are needed. It is important for Borre and her team to spend time discovering exactly what kind of hire will fit the culture and objectives of the client company. Results speak the loudest as Borre’s methods have resulted in a mere 1% turnover rate of place employees since the start of the company.

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Brad Reifler’s Amazing Career History Reveals Success

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur and investor whose past career is filled with one unique and interesting accomplishment after another. In the world of finance, few are able to found a single successful company. Reifler has founded more than one making him the envy of many who wish to achieve acclaim in the industry. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

The Reifler Trading Company was the first enterprise Brad Reifler founded. He did so far back in the 1980’s, a time when Wall Street and investing was riding high. Reifler’s success did go beyond the boom years of the 1980’s, which is impressive. Not everyone has been able to maintain fiscal and business through the ups and downs the economy has faced over 30 years.

Reifler survived and thrived even through the mild recession of the early 1990’s and through the Great Recession of 2008. His staying power in the industry is something to marvel at.

Reifler worked with scores of accredited investors over the course of his professional career. As the person in charge of Forefront Capital, Reifler guided investors with high net worths towards numerous investment vehicles.

Accredited investors are those persons worth more than one million dollars. Such investors are going to be very careful about who choose to invest and manage their funds. Their selection of Mr. Reifler reveals his status in the industry.

According to Market Wired, Brad Reifler does not exclusively work with accredited investors, though. Reifler chose to launch a campaign to address the investment concerns of members of the middle class.

Crunchbase exclusively reported that Brad Reifler is definitely not one to slow down. The future is sure to include additional interesting notes about his professional career.

Dick DeVos Brings Passion To His Giving

There are various ways of giving that people can do regarding helping people. One of the ways is by giving money to charities. By giving money to charities, people are able to help people who need help without having to go out to help people individually. This is much easier for most people and far less complicated. When people give to charities, the charities already have people who they know are in need. With the money that is received from people who give to charities, the charities can provide the help each person needs.


There are many people who understand the importance of giving to charities. They realize that charities are created to help with specific needs. As a result, people can decide on what charity to give money to based in part on what particular help the charities provide to people in need. While charities received many contributions ranging in dollar amount, all contributions are welcomed no matter the size of the contributions.


However, there are occasions when charities receive very large contributions from individuals. These contributions are not the norm and the help that charities can provide from some of these large contributions is enormous. An individual who has given many large contributions to charities is Dick DeVos. A successful businessman, Dick DeVos is worth millions of dollars. He has a passion for helping people, so he gives generously to various charities. Over the years, Dick DeVos has given close to 139 million dollars to charities.


A Philanthropist who is recognized for his contributions to charities, Dick DeVos has been in the public eye for many years regarding his financial contributions. He helps many different causes through his giving. However, there are some causes that are special to him and his family.


One of the causes that is special to Dick DeVos and his family is education. His wife Betsy DeVos has been a champion of improving education and helping people to get education for decades. As a result, Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have provided numerous contributions to charities and organizations that help in relation to education. They have also provided scholarships to students and given money to help build schools to offer quality education to students in the areas. Although education is a special concern of Dick DeVos, he always gives to various causes because there are many worthwhile causes that he wants to help support.


Dick DeVos is a successful businessman who understands the power of money. He understands the impact that giving money to worthwhile causes can achieve. Dick DeVos is a leader. He has held high executive positions at corporations such as the Orlando Magic and Amway. Also, he is currently the President of the Windquest Group. The passion that Dick DeVos has for business is also shown in other areas of his life such as the contributions he gives to help others.



U.S. Money Reserve Unveiled New Website With Amazing Features

U.S. Money Reserve came up with a new website to ensure better offering of its services and to add efficiency. As one of largest suppliers of U.S. and foreign government-issued precious metals, it needs to show consistency in service to its customers. Also, the customers should get a hassle-free shopping experience on the website with all the required information provided and assistance is given. This is the reason why the reputed bullion distributor decided to come up with a new website with an online retail platform to ensure a smooth transaction and professional service to a vast number of its customers.


The new site is completely reflecting the core values of the firm and its high-value products easily. The online features and impressive photography of its line of products including its President and former U.S. Mint Director, Philip N. Diehl are reminding the customers that they are receiving a world-class service. The new site is effectively educating the customers on the benefits of bullion and helping them to purchase the precious metals with assured quality. “We are delighted as we have a highly-engaging and responsive tool, and that helps us to generate high-quality content across platforms. It also helps us to interact with customers and assist them to purchase through the convenient and secure platform,” Said Ryan Buchanan, who took care of the redesign.


The online shop provides live pricing of precious metals, and through the website the firm offers PCGS certified coins and other exclusive products that can be of the interest of an average buyer. The customers can also sign up for the information kit and go through the Knowledge Center to learn more about coin processing and purchasing. The website also has a News section to update the customers about the latest developments in the bullion and precious metal industry to help them in making decisions.


The site has added a number of features and options to make a better shopping experience. The Client-Connect Advantage is helpful for the firm to contact the customers easily and offer one-to-one consultations, purchase assistance, special offline releases, and secure offline transactions. The company provides a 30-day BuyBack policy, and the customers can return the product within 30-days to get the full refund according to the then market value. It is considered to be one of the best and most innovative return policy in the industry. The firm also provides retirement investment options based on precious metals called Gold Standard IRA. U.S. Money Reserve has partnered with one of the best shipping channels to offer fastest and insured delivery to the customers.


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Sujit Choudhry’s Contribution In The Development Of Comparative Law

Comparative law refers to the study of similarities and differences of the laws applied in different countries. It entails the study of numerous legal systems, including civil law, Canon law, social law, Jewish law, common law, Chinese law, Hindu law, and Islamic law. It also includes the analysis and description of international legal structures, even where the comparison is not required. The value of comparative law has gained popularity in the present era of democratization, internationalism, and economic globalization. Montesquieu founded comparative law in the 18th century in Europe. However, Sir Henry Maine, a British lawyer and historian, is the founder of the modern anthropological and comparative law. Maine was a professor of comparative law when the first university course on the subject was established in 1869 at the University of Oxford.  Refer to


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Many disciplines have emerged as independent branches of comparative law such as comparative administrative law, comparative civil law, comparative constitutional law, comparative criminal law and comparative commercial law. The studies in these areas may focus on the comparison between two countries, or in-depth research of many countries. Comparative law is dissimilar from the field of international law, including both private and public international law, and general jurisprudence. However, comparative law adds value to the other areas of law.


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A notable present-day expert in comparative constitutional law is Sujit Choudhry of UC Berkley Law School where he is the Professor of Law. He is a graduate of Harvard University. In the 1998/1999 academic year, Sujit served as a visiting researcher at the Harvard School of Law. He was the first person from India to be recognized as Dean of Law from 2014 to 2015, at a famous US law school, UC Berkley School of Law. Sujit Choudhry is the recipient of Trudeau Fellowship. He served at the New York Law School. Sujit was also the Scholl Chair at the esteemed University of Toronto, Faculty of Law.  Based on

With reference to, Sujit Choudhry is recognized globally as an expert on comparative constitutional development and comparative constitutional law. His work has largely focused on the fundamental questions of the methods of constitutional law. He has also authored different articles on constitutional design as an instrument for managing the transformation from ferocious conflict to nonviolent democratic politics. Sujit has published more than 70 articles, working papers, book chapters and reports. Moreover, Sujit Choudhry has worked for various organizations, including serving as a foreign constitutional specialist in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. He as also served as a consultant at the World Bank.

Case Study Of Comparative Constitutional Law


What is comparative constitutional law? According to many case studies that have been done in the world have quite a vast information about the comparative constitutional law. The most simple case study explains the comparative law as studies carried out in different countries to establish the differences and similarities in the laws governing those countries. To be precise, comparative law mainly involves the study of different families or systems that exist in the world. The law, therefore, finds a lot of interests in areas such as civil law, common law, socialist law, Jewish and Islamic law. The comparative constitutional law has a lot of importance in the democracy, economic globalization and internationalism that we experience in the world day.  Check


Sujit Choudhry, a globally recognized specialist in comparative constitutional law and a lecturer, describes the constitution as a tool that can manage the changeover of violent conflict to peaceful democratic states. He further includes the illusion of hatred among the federalism and ethically divided societies. Due to his tireless dedication to eradicating hatred among people, Professor Sujit Choudhry has edited a collection of written materials. The work edited include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies among others. Choudhry is a member of the Board of the Constitution Court Review, and the Editorial Advisory Board of the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law. The above are just a few achievement that Professor Choudhry has achieved due to his devotion to the comparative law.


Professor Choudhry, being a Dean in the Faculty of Berkeley law in University of California between the year 2014 and 2016, launched a series of initiatives to implement the agenda of Innovation, Service, and Globalization. The Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship played a significant role in social mobility and specialized recruitment that increased the ration of African, Latino and American students. During his tenure in Berkeley, Dean Choudhry was the founder director of Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is a member of United Nation Mediation Roster was a consultant in World Bank Institute that has worked for foreign constitution expert that facilitated the constitutional transition in Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt. Amazon has even carried the weight to market the books that Professor Sujit Choudhry has written.  Head over to to read more about him.


It is a fact that has been retrieved from the sentiments that have clearly shown that Professor Sujit Choudhry is dedicated to ensuring that comparative constitutional law is achieved. He has given full effort to enhance that social injustice come to an end in the world.

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Roberto Santiago Brings The Excitement Back To The Mall

There is a time when going to the mall is very exciting. Many people have different reasons to get excited about going to the mall. Among the common reasons for the mall that kids have gotten to experience was the chance to buy clothes. In some cases, children were happy about getting more clothes. Eventually, the magic and the allure of the mall changes and then ultimately wears off. However, it does not have to be that way. There are a lot of factors that influence the lasting appeal of a mall. Some of them are easier to deal with than others.

One of the factors behind the appeal of the mall is how many different shops there are. It is not enough for there to be a ton of stores. There also has to be a wide variety of stores. It doesn’t matter the type of stores that are offered in the mall. For instance, a mall that only offers fashion stores has to have a ton of different styles in order to attract more people. When stores have very little variety when it comes to the types of clothing they have to offer, then the customer is going to be left with very little choice than to go for the cheapest offer.

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Fortunately, one mall has managed to offer something for everyone. This mall is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. It brings back a lot of excitement for people. While it is nothing like the malls of earlier years, it does get a lot of people to experience a level of excitement that is similar to the excitement they used to feel when they have visited malls when they were younger. This is because of all of the fun stores that they had to offer.

One thing that comes with Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is that they have a lot more activities for people to do than just shopping at the mall. After all, it is rather boring to have a place to go in order to pick a few items and then bounce back out of the mall. It is always good to have some kind of activity at the mall.

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The Life and Career of Sam Tabar

Just a few months ago, Sam Tabar was appointed to a new position by Full Cycle Energy as the firm aims to save and utilize fuel better. In this case, he was made the Chief Operating Officer of this firm. This announcement was made through the PR Newswire. In this press release, Sam Tabar said that he was excited to be joining the company in the new position.

Full cycle named him as the Chief Operating Officer for his unique business strategies. Sam is law graduate from Oxford University. He acquired his MA and BA from this prestigious university. After college, Sam practiced law in New York. He furthered his legal education at Columbia School of Law in New York, New York.

According to Bloomberg, other than working in New York City, Sam Tabar has perfected his skills working in Asia. This is where he has managed to build his good working business strategies. In this region, he specialized in hedge fund management. Some of the big companies that he has worked for include SPARX Group as well as Merrill Lynch and the Hong Kong-based PMA Investment Advisors.

Other than just business, this good man is also involved in philanthropy and charitable organizations such as THINX, which focuses on helping women from the less privileged regions of Asia and Africa. Sam has also created his own GoFundMe to help the less fortunate people of this earth.

The appointment by Full Cycle Energy is an effort to try to utilize some of his vast experience in the legal industry and in developing business strategies. This comes at a time when there is the need to shift to less polluting fuels hence doing away with fossil fuels.

Over the years, Sam has managed to interact with many cultures. He also has the ability to speak different languages having lived in Asia. Other than the mentioned firms, he has worked for other firms like the Skadden, Roth, and Zabel as well as Schulte and Slate and Flom.

He has also worked for Meagher, and he is a member of New York State Bar. Some of his most notable investments are the Tribune and SheThinx.

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