A Look At Kim Dao’s Japanese Apartment

Not long ago, YouTuber Kim Dao shared a video that gave us a look at the Japanese apartment she recently started to move out of. The reason for her moving was that the location wasn’t that great and she found a better deal elsewhere.

The first thing you see when entering Kim Dao’s apartment is a very small entryway which contains a mail slot and a place to leave your shoes (you never wear shoes inside a home in Japan). She’s also able to store some things in this area for guests.

The next room we enter is a room with her washing machine and in which she has some other items stored as well, making good use of the small amount of space in her apartment. Next to this is the bathroom which is just big enough to hold a bathtub with a shower in it, and beside this room is a separate one for the toilet.

Due to the small amount of kitchen space, Kim Dao got inventive and stores a lot of items on the walls. There is just enough room for a sink, a single stovetop, and preparation space.

Like every other room, Kim Dao’s bedroom is pretty small. There’s just enough room for her bed, a coffee table, and a dresser. The room also contains a desk which Kim Dao says she never actually uses except to store things like makeup. This room wrapped up her video and Kim Dao says she doesn’t mind moving on from it.

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