The Approach to Women Career progression.

Many women want to take their careers a notch higher, but there is always something that holds them back. Their femininity. Most of this women are targeted in the business as women instead of professionals. The career journey of Susan McGalla will be of significance to this kind of women.

Having grown up amidst two brothers and being brought up by a father who was a football coach, Susan did not receive any special treatment just because she was a girl. Her parents constantly motivated her to work hard and with confidence present her ideas before any audience. They always taught her that she was a person, not a man or a woman. It is this encouragement that enabled Susan McGalla to understand that either gender would not hinder you nor be of any help.

The confidence has taken Susan far. It has allowed her work together with both men and women. Susan McGalla served as the President and the Chief Merchandising Officer of a company known as American Eagle Outfitters. Before she joined this company, it was dominated by men. There was no single slot for women in the executive. Susan worked hard and held many managerial positions, and she finally became the president. During her time of incumbency, she oversaw 77 kids brand launched.  Be sure to visit this related link.

In January 2009, the career of Susan McGalla took a different take. She became a private consultant in the world of retail especially for top people in finance. She also became a member of the board in October 2009. She held the chief executive officer position in Wet Seal Inc. It is her business autonomy that has over the years made her career exceptional. She has freely followed her passion and has not let her gender factor in her career goals.

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Susan McGally received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College.  Follow McGalla on her page.