All You Need to Know About Oncortaget the Journal

A significant number of individuals have been affected by cancer. It could be directly or indirectly. It is for this reason that a weekly medical journal known as Oncotarget came into being. Its primary objective was to inform individuals on prevention, treatment, and care of cancer. Since its inception in 2010, the medical journal is published by Impact Journals. The chief editors of the journal are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny, both of Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The two individuals are not only passionate about educating the public on oncology, but they are also researchers. Learn more:

The content of Oncotarget weekly issue is posted on the website where everyone can have access to the information. The issue can be printed on special demand. The mission at Oncotarget is to make scientific research results available as soon as it is needed, so as to heighten the impact of investigation and enable each discovery to be shared as quickly as possible. The journals’ primary intention is to see to it that people live a disease free life. It, therefore, helps researchers contribute to the advancement of science.

Out of the great success that Oncotarget has experienced over the years, it has broadened its scoop of publication beyond oncology. It also features cardiology, microbiology, aging and geotarget, immunology, metabolism, neuropathology not forgetting to mention neuroscience. In the year 2016, Oncotarget won the Lasker Award due to the discovery of the sensing oxygen pathway. The editorial board at Oncotarget is well experienced. It sees to it that publications are made to only the best issues. They are fully devoted, a virtue that has made the journal a success.

One feature that makes Oncotarget unique is the fact that it gives opportunities to outside authors to submit articles they may have on oncology. Writers interested in writing about oncology can seize the opportunity. The journal has held the first position from the year 2011, a success that they owe to the organized methods of publication and passionate editors. Oncotarget has a good social media presence. It is available on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube Twitter and Google +, enabling it to reach more audience across the world.

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