The Triumphs of Julia Jackson as a Vintner

Julia Jackson is the mouthpiece of Jackson Family Wines, a position she has held for over six years. Four years ago, she played an essential role in the establishment of Rex Apps. An alumnus of the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business, Julia holds a certificate in general management from the institution. Ms. Jackson is also a graduate of the Scripps College, where she attained a BA in Studio Art.

In the family of renowned entrepreneur Jess Jackson, Julia is the last born. From a tender age, her parents nurtured her for a role in the wine industry. As a child, she was trained on how to pick and sort out grapes expertly. Years later, after she became a grown up, she was allocated the spokesperson docket, a move that aimed at integrating youth to the company’s top brass.

In an interview, Julia was asked on her stance regarding the industry’s obsession with the consumption manners of the millennials, the generation under which Julia falls. She responded proficiently, saying that her firm will remain faithful to the customs that had made them successful over the years. She added that they were not willing to adjust their trends to appeal to a small proportion of their clientele.

Julia’s mother inaugurated the Cambria Estate Winery, which her daughter is in charge of today. The family had an in-depth understanding of the land, a characteristic that made their family venture stand out in the crowd. Julia prides herself in emulating the exploits of her mother, for this reason, she incepted a women empowerment initiative that seeks to acknowledge females who have overcome stumbling blocks and are helping their colleagues achieve the same feats. The organization grants $100,000 to non-profits that champion for similar causes. Check this website for more info at Cambria Wines.

Julia ascribes her prosperity to the emotional intelligence of her father. Her old man displayed a lot of chivalry, working close with Julia’s mother in a time when gender oppression was at its peak. In a bid to respect his father’s legacy, Julia Jackson pledged to uphold the family’s wine business perpetually.