You Can Do What With That?

There is this spunky little Australian-Chinese girl on YouTube that grew up in a lifestyle that led her to the wonderful land of DIY. Since her family had to figure out alternate ways of getting or making things, she has a bunch of “hacks” under her belt that she shares with us in humorous ways on her vlogs. With over 6 million subscribers, she clearly has captured the hearts of YouTube watchers everywhere.


Her “10 Simple Hacks That Could Change Your Life” vlog includes some pretty handy hacks as well as some that are a bit strange.


She has a great hack for resealing a chip bag- using two straws to get an airtight seal on the chips you are saving for later. The car key hack using nail polish to mark each one with a different color to keep them organized (And to remember which one if for what), is super practical.


Wengie uses a bowl of water to get the extra air out of a bag of food going into the freezer. This hack is a money saver, you don’t have to buy an expensive sealer, and you aren’t throwing out freezer burned food. The solution to open a pop top tin can of food is a simple spoon hack. No more broken nails and this one is great for those of us with weaker hands.


She has a great hack for short people who are trying to hang a picture on a wall, by using a fork to hook the wire to the wall mounting. Who thought there would be a hack for tying your shoes? Well Wengie does. She calls it her “Ninja” lace hack. It’s all done in one simple movement.


Some hot glue zig-zags on the bottom of flip flops will prevent them from slipping on wet floor. Hiding your spare key in a small container in your flower bed dirt is the fool proof way to prevent strangers in your house. She also uses a bread bag tie to secure her iPod cords into tight little rings to keep them organized.


These are just a few of Wengie’s life hacks. You can find more of Wengie on YouTube.