Healthy and Happy Dogs: Beneful Commercials

Happy dogs benefit from the ingredients in Purina Healthy Weight Dog food. Purina emphasizes that the main ingredients in their dog food is chicken or beef. In the “Jessica and Riley” TV spot Jessica says that she has to hide the bag so the dog won’t eat it. She likes the fact that her dog is more active now and loves to eat. The important consideration for her is that her dog is maintaining a healthy weight and getting the nutrition dog food he needs.

In “the Wrestler” TV spot, the dog’s thoughts are voiced as saying that he can’t believe that the delicious food that he is eating is actually low calorie. He starts saying that he feels strong and that he’s ready to wrestle his master. The tag line is “healthful with a side of happy” to learn more: click here.

The “Becky & Einstein” TV spots shows a cute small dog that is full of energy. Becky loves the fact that the first ingredient is beef. She says that the dog food has helped her dog feel like he could jump high enough to catch a bird. In each one of these Beneful commercials the owners express the good feelings they have that their dogs are healthy and happy.