Bruno Fagali – A Renowned Administrative Lawyer at New/Sb in Brazil

     Bruno Fagali is an attorney at Fagali advocacy in São Paulo. Bruno Fagali has decades of expertise in Ethics, Compliance, uran law, regulatory law and administrative legislation. He is also the Corporate integrity manager at new/sb.

Bruno Fagali is a practitioner at Fagali Law, a business that he co-founded together with Bob Vieira da Costa in July 2016. Bruno owns a master’s degree in state Regulation from the College of São Paulo, school of legislation enforcement. He is an expert in administrative legislation, skills he gained from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo from where he did his first degree in law. In his career, Bruno focusses on Community Administration Handle.

The New/sb is an Organization Focusing on Communication of Public concerns. Underneath the direction of Bruno, New/sb designed a code of behavior which has been in accord with the anti corruption Law in Brazil. His Company cautioned the General Controller of Union of Brazil (CGU) on the corporate rules. New/sb participated in auditions for advertising international organizations.

As the Integrity Supervisor in New/sb, Bruno Fagali claims that the business combined the CGU to refer their own ethics program as they failed to desire to get connected with corruption notably to get a business dealing with public communication. New/sb has government accounts in Brazil. For instance, they have accounts in Caixa, central-bank along with others. Bob Vieira da Costa employed a fantastic small business clinics System in New/sb.

Bruno Fagali has experience within Compliance equally in academics and skilled level. He’s likewise an Authority in Public regulation where he deals with administrative, urban and inherent problems. His additional regions of Specialty are Anti-Corruption regulation, Electoral regulation, advertisements and parliamentary regulation. Bruno has been successful in coordinating Ethics, Advertising and marketing organizations of regulation and Ethics at Brazil. He’s a Member of Organization Compliance & Ethics modern society.

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