Fabletics Value for Money Assured to the Customers, Always

The competition in just about any field has been increasing at a rapid pace, and it is more so in the case of the fashion world. People these days have endless options to shop fashion apparels, online and offline. Also, there are countless brands to choose from. It has become difficult for the fashion brands to reach out to their audience and make a mark in the fashion industry without leveraging on the interaction they have with the customers on various social media platforms. The reviews and feedback from the customers play a significant role. It is what Fabletics, one of the leading athleisure brands in the market, does to gain customer loyalty and increase customer retention.


Fabletics has been customer centric from the time it opened doors to the public. It has also used technology to its advantage and ensured that it could gather relevant data from the sales and marketing department to know what customers like and dislikes about the brand and its products. It is what has helped in refining the product line offered by the company and ensure that Fabletics can dominate the athleisure market in a very short span of time. Fabletics believes that in a consumer based industry, it is essential to give importance to the customer service as well as value their feedback. It is why every review and feedback is taken seriously by the company and acted upon to ensure that the end users are happy and satisfied with the products and services offered by Fabletics.


Fabletics started in the year 2013 and just a few years has managed to not only give major competitors a tough run for the money but has also multiplied its revenue stream by over 200 percent to nearly $235 million. The company has a million paying subscribers, which showcases the trust the customers have on the brand. By ensuring that the brand is focused on delivering what the customers are looking for, the company has been able to manage the customers’ interest for the brand consistently. It has helped with increasing the brand awareness as well as customers’ loyalty towards the brand. Fabletics has focused on delivering value to the customers from the very beginning, and it is what has also helped with ensuring that the customers leave a positive review for the brand.


Kate Hudson, one of the co-owners of Fabletics has also helped in redefining the marketing strategy of the company and helped with its overall success. Kate Hudson is an internationally acclaimed actress and is highly popular among the target audience of the enterprise. Her beauty and fitness have inspired many to stay fit and elegant, which is what Fabletics stand for as well. The company offers a highly personalized shopping experience that is definitely fun, exciting, and at the same time, highly convenient. For people who are busy with their lives yet do not want to compromise on their fashion quotient, taking up the Lifestyle Quiz at the company’s site is definitely a good idea.