Lime Crime Presents there Products to the Customers.

With makeup all over the stalls in towns, it is essential to know the best one that suits your body and will not react by being allergic. It should make you glitter and leave you feeling like you are at the top of the world. The LimeCrime Products have become well known in the market for it gives the best beauty results. They lead in the social media and the cable TV networks with celebrities using them to look fabulous.

With the best quality and performance in our products, we have had other brands try to imitate us for the excellent products we manufacture, but they do not hit our high standards. Lime Crime merchandise sets the moods and you going. When applied they will keep whatever you are doing perfect, and you will not have to be shy. Confidence is what you will have from morning all the way to the evening. From your smile, shade to a shiny face, the products will make one glow and be a center of attention.

Lime Crime is releasing the Unicorn Hair Collection that is now better and improved. It is darker than before, and the release is going to be the four kinds that are going to be exciting. They are the Chestnut which is having a deep maroon tinge, Squid that is an eerie purple color, and the Charcoal which is characterized by a dusty gray color and last but not least, the Sea Witch that is tail green. The producers of these dyes were sure of the colors and knew what beauty means.

The dyes are meant to be applied by the people who felt that they could not use them and they are the brunette and darker haired ladies. These are the group that needs to represent Team Unicorn and looks utterly gorgeous. For more information, refer to our website in the meantime and stay ahead by being the perfect queen, rebelling, slaying, never dull and always a confident lady. With orders that will exceed 50 dollars, there will be free shipping as long as you will be in the USA.