Susan McGalla Giving Suggestions on How Women Can Advance in their Career

Finding success in the corporate world in today’s competitive age is difficult, but it is not so much for the right candidate. Susan McGalla is amongst the most sought-after female entrepreneurs and business executives in the U.S. today and has helped many companies to enhance their revenue and market reputation through her unique business insight and strategies. Susan McGalla is the Vice President at Pittsburgh Steelers Inc for Creative Development and Business Strategy and has helped the firm achieve its business goals even in the fierce competition with ease. Susan McGalla completed her BA from Mount Union College and started her first job right after her graduation.

In an interview, Susan McGalla opened up about how she developed the tough and competitive mindset she has today. She said that her father never differentiated between her and her brothers because of gender and it is what carved her competitive mindset at work as well. Susan McGalla also worked at prestigious apparel firms like Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters Inc in the past and helped the companies grow and expand consistently under her watch. Susan McGalla says that it is crucial for the women to follow their dreams and be ambitious and not feel any lesser about themselves due to their gender.

She says that there many women based initiatives and support groups out there that can help women in their endeavor to achieve success at workplace. However, she believes that companies should design sponsorship opportunities for women today to ensure that they are getting the guidance they need to move ahead at a rapid pace. There are many deserving young women professionals out there who are looking to move up the ranks in the corporate arena, but due to lack of guidance and proper mentoring are not able to move ahead. Susan McGalla says that with in-house mentoring programs, deserving women candidates would be able to progress in their career without any hindrances.

The Career Life Of Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a very influential businessman who is based in Britain. At the moment, Sachedina is the head of the prestigious Jamati Institution department based in France. At this position, the successful businessman is in charge of facilitating most of the coordination that takes place in the Ismaili communities. Together with the Agha Khan Foundation, Shafik has managed to transform the lives of many people in the society. Sachedina is currently sixty-seven years ago, and he is very proud of his numerous accomplishments.

When Shafik Sachedina was born several decades ago in Tanzania, nobody had the idea that he was going to become an influential person in the world. The businessman spends his early years in this nation before he could relocate and settle in London. His dedication and hard work in studies while in London helped him to acquire a position in one of the leading universities where he specialized in Dentistry. By the time he was leaving the prestigious university, the successful businessman had received all the skills required to become a leader in the market. The medical world is not for the people who are lazy, and the Sachedina has managed to prove this to the international community. Using his expert skills in the dentistry, Sachedina has transformed the lives of many people living in the world. As a dental surgeon, the businessman believes that his most significant responsibility is to ensure that his patients’ dental health is perfect.


Although Sachedina has practiced dentistry for a very long time, he has realized that most of the older adults, especially those who have mental problems face a lot of difficulties in the society. Sachedina has always been passionate about helping the needy people in the community, and he has chosen to assist all the people living with mental deformities. His expertise in the medical profession has assisted him to start an organization known as Sussex Healthcare as co-founder and joint chairman. Sussex Health Care was introduced into the United Kingdom more than thirty years ago. The group has been very successful in its operations, and it has given many people hope in life.

At the moment, Sussex Health Care has twenty homes that have been equipped with the essential facilities needed by people with brain deformities. The patients have access to some of the best medical professionals who focus on making sure that they are doing the right treatments. The therapies given to the patients make them get better.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Goes From Lowest Position On Corporate Ladder To Highest Rung

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the president of Bradesco, one of Brazil’s largest financial conglomerates, in 2009. This represented the final step in his ascent from the bank’s lowliest position all the way to its most exalted position.

Trabuco’s trajectory to the top of the Brazilian banking world was marked by a strong work ethic, a searing intelligence and an ability to formulate strategies that would prove to be almost universally successful. Although his tenure as CEO was beset by some early setbacks, he would go on to complete the largest merger in the history of Brazil. With the acquisition of HSBC Brazil, for $5.2 billion in cash, Trabuco became one of the country’s most well-known businessmen. The acquisition garnered him the 2015 Isto E Dinheiro Entrepreneur of the Year Award, one of the most coveted prizes in the world of Brazilian business.

Trabuco first began working for Bradesco in 1969. At the time, he was just 18 years old and had recently graduated from high school. The young Trabuco had plans to attend college, but he did not have the available funds to carry it out. He set out looking for his first job in the hopes that he would be able to earn enough to put himself throughout college.

He saw a help-wanted sign in the window of a local bank. At that time, Bradesco was just a small, local thrift institution with a handful of branches. After completing an interview, Trabuco was surprised how quickly he was called back in. He had been offered the job.

Over his first year, he quickly demonstrated himself to be quick with acquisition of skills. He was good at learning new tasks, having been able to master most of the processes involved in running the branch within his first few months. Within his first year, he had already been promoted to shift manager. By the 1970s, Trabuco was ascending through a series of managerial positions with the bank, eventually ending up as a regional manager for the now rapidly expanding Bradesco.

Throughout the 70s, he was able to put himself through school. Even as he worked up to 60 hours per week, Trabuco was able to attend night classes at the prestigious University of Sao Paulo. By the end of the 1970s, he had attained a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in social psychology.

It was in 1984 that Trabuco was offered his first true executive role with the bank. Placed in charge of the company’s marketing and PR department, Trabuco was able to quickly turn the unit around. By the time he left the marketing department in 1992, Bradesco had one of the most well-regarded and recognizable brands in the Sao Paulo area.

His next promotion came in the form of being appointed to lead the bank’s financial planning unit. There, Trabuco began making radical changes in the way that the bank approached its business. He created a system of tiered banking products. Known as Bradesco Prime, the new banking services features ultra-luxury facilities and immensely high levels of lavish services for the bank’s most valuable clients. Trabuco was going after the rich client market with a vengeance.

His strategy worked. Within a few years, Bradesco had nearly cornered the personal banking market for Brazil’s quickly expanding group of wealthy elites. This caused an influx of billions of dollars in new deposits to the bank, allowing it to rapidly expand the number of loans it was making. This was a crucial element in Bradesco’s expansion from a small bank into one of the most important players in the Latin American finance space.

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David Giertz Is an Expert in Financial Planning Living in Columbus

Nationwide Financial’s David Giertz recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the importance of financial advisors discussing Social Security with their clients. Nationwide has found out that not enough advisors are talking to their customers about how their Social Security benefits can affect their retirement income. He thinks that the complexity of Social Security rules can make advisors sheepish about discussing it with their clients. However, the importance of when a retiree chooses to draw Social Security can have a huge impact on their retirement income, sometimes as much as a 40% difference. David stressed how important this is to maintaining a trustworthy relationship with clients and how ;the integrity of the advisor can depend on it.

David Giertz has spent his entire adult life giving thousands of clients that exact same advice, as a certified financial advisor licensed in 18 different states. After spending over a decade and a half as an advisor, Dave moved into management at Nationwide, becoming the Vice President of NF Sales in 2004. He went on to hold numerous other positions in the next 14 years and is currently the Nationwide Financial Distributors. Mr. Giertz also serves in many other positions throughout Nationwide.

Giertz holds an undergraduate degree from Millikin University in Illinois, as well as a MBA from the University of Miami. He has served on the Board of Directors at Millikin and served on the Bank and Finance Committee as well. Prior to his tenure at Nationwide, he spent over 10 years at financial giant, Citigroup. He enjoys being active in his community of South Florida, serving on many boards including the local Girl Scouts and Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. His experience in the financial marketplace has made him an expert that is called upon by his peers for instruction and guidance.

Mike Baur Clears A Path For New Entrepreneurs

Master of Business Administration from Bern University, Switzerland and from the University of Rochester, Switzerland. At the early age of 16 he worked in the Union bank of Switzerland as a young apprentice throughout the 1990s, up to 2008. He excelled at his task given him which propelled him upward within the bank because he had a niche for providing successful financial information to the bank’s wealthy investors. Mike continued to work for other banking institutions in an upward mobile, managerial positions.


Mr. Baur enjoyed and learned a lot about the banking industry over the years, but he soon decided to follow his desire to be hands-on in helping new entrepreneurs achieve their goals. He began making plans to focus on his ability to help young tech business owners which occurred in 2014 when Mike and two other partners founded the ‘Swiss Startup Factory.’


Under the ages of Mike Baur, the Swiss Startup Factory invests in digital entrepreneurs in Switzerland by offering mentoring ideas and coaching support. Swiss Startup Factory also provides a temporary office space in Zurich to give entrepreneurs a realistic business environment to enable them to grow and learn how to reach their goals.


Mr. Baur and his partners explain why they call their company a factory. They say that in any factory, people work hard and deliberate which is what they expect from their neophyte business owners and the Swiss Startup Factory professional staff. With this premise, Mike believes that in order to pursue your business goals, you should leave your 9 to 5 job and concentrate fully on your future business.


The Swiss Startup Factory has grown exponentially and is now considered the No. 1 privately financed startup accelerator in Switzerland. Swiss Startup Factory operates on a recruiting platform where young entrepreneurs enter a contest and 30 of them whose projects are under $1 million. The business entrants appear before a panel of established financial experts, including Mike, to pitch their business models. The panel members then award the winners with an induction into the Swiss Startup Factory incubator concept.


Not to rest on his laurels, Mike Baur further founded ‘Think Reloaded’ which matches successful financiers with wealthy clients. Also, CTI Investments asked Mike to be their Deputy Managing Director, a position which he accepted. In 2016, the Swiss Startup Factory aligned with BV4, a private Swiss firm that enumerates the financial value of specific brands and different intangible assets, then develops them as a management brand.


How White Shark Media’s Ad Campaigns Satisfy Their Clients

When you have a small online retail site it can be tough to compete against the giants in the industry such as Amazon and eBay. In order to help smaller companies like this get attention Google came up with the AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program. Google partners with some of the best online marketing companies in the industry in this program which allows small businesses without the resource and time to engage in an online marketing campaign gain access to their services. One of the best online marketing companies taking part in this program is White Shark Media.

One small business owner is Micah Longo of The Longo Firm. He says that he didn’t have a Google AdWords strategy at all when he got in touch with White Shark Media. He tried to develop one but quickly realized he didn’t know what he was doing and didn’t have sufficient time or resources backing him up. He says that the company was able to get his online marketing plan in order and then put it into action for him. He said that six months later he had a lot of new clients for his law firm and higher quality calls as well.

Jim Frank at Valley City Metal Products said that while his company has been around for sixty years their experience with the internet is pretty limited. He worked with Charles and Jeannine at White Shark Media who answered each of his questions and handled his account. It took only two weeks, he says, before they started seeing great results.

Nikitas Tsoukalis of Key Credit Repair said his company is now saving $10,000 a month versus what they had been doing prior to hiring White Shark Media. He says the ad campaign is smarter now and his website is getting much better and more relevant traffic.