How White Shark Media’s Ad Campaigns Satisfy Their Clients

When you have a small online retail site it can be tough to compete against the giants in the industry such as Amazon and eBay. In order to help smaller companies like this get attention Google came up with the AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program. Google partners with some of the best online marketing companies in the industry in this program which allows small businesses without the resource and time to engage in an online marketing campaign gain access to their services. One of the best online marketing companies taking part in this program is White Shark Media.

One small business owner is Micah Longo of The Longo Firm. He says that he didn’t have a Google AdWords strategy at all when he got in touch with White Shark Media. He tried to develop one but quickly realized he didn’t know what he was doing and didn’t have sufficient time or resources backing him up. He says that the company was able to get his online marketing plan in order and then put it into action for him. He said that six months later he had a lot of new clients for his law firm and higher quality calls as well.

Jim Frank at Valley City Metal Products said that while his company has been around for sixty years their experience with the internet is pretty limited. He worked with Charles and Jeannine at White Shark Media who answered each of his questions and handled his account. It took only two weeks, he says, before they started seeing great results.

Nikitas Tsoukalis of Key Credit Repair said his company is now saving $10,000 a month versus what they had been doing prior to hiring White Shark Media. He says the ad campaign is smarter now and his website is getting much better and more relevant traffic.