A Social Responsibility: Waiakea Water

There are many different kinds of bottled water out on the market today. One company in this milieu that has stood out from the rest of the lot is a company called Waiakea Water. It was founded six years ago by Ryan Emmons. He feels that he has a social responsibility to provide the finest water on the market today while keeping the environment and the company’s potential impact on the world in mind. Here is how Waiakea Water maintains that difficult balance. (More about Waiakea Water on 10 Best Water: Volcanic)


The first thing that Waiakea did was to make sure that the water bottle itself is totally degradable and has no extensive harm to the environment. In a very short amount of time, the team at Waiakea have accomplished what they set out to do. This water bottle is made of fully degradable plastic and fully breaks down in the environment after only fifteen years and not a millennium like most water bottles.


The second thing that Waiakea Water did was to make sure that all of the water is Hawaii volcanic water. The water comes from the Mauna Loa volcano and makes its way to the surface through volcanic rock. Even the name of the company has Hawaiian origins. The name Waiakea means broad waters. It also helps to draw people in when something is made from the land of Aloha. Get More Information Here.


A final thing that Waiakea Water and the team did was to make the water as fresh as possible with countless testing. One thing is certain about Waiakea Water ph (meaning potential hydrogen) levels. They are among the highest in the market today. This means that the water is pure and does not have the acidic or sour taste. It is all natural and that is one of the best things about Waiakea Water.


Waiakea Water is always trying to improve the product while maintaining a positive impact on the world at large. This is due to the vision of Ryan Emmons and his team. Being socially responsible to the earth is one of the hardest things to try to do. Waiakea Water does it with ease.


Source: http://www.organicauthority.com/Waiakea-Water-Redefines-Sustainable


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Sound Investment Solutions from Richard Blair

Most people always yearn for financial freedom, but the problem is they don’t have an idea of how to achieve that goal. Sometimes it takes a professional to figure out what your financial need is and help you draw a proper roadmap towards your financial freedom. Wealth Solutions is an example of a company designed to help people who have money but lack adequate knowledge on how to invest it. Based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions helps its clients to not only grow but also to protect and manage their assets.



Richard Blair is the Founder and CEO of Wealth Solutions. He is an experienced businessman with several professional and academic accreditations such as RICP, CFC, CAS, and CES. The company is run as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) company. Richard Dwayne Blair believes that all everyone has a potential to create and multiply wealth. According to him, most people have the money but lack adequate knowledge of how to invest that money properly. As a result, he came up with strategies aimed at helping people from Austin, Texas to overcome that problem.


Wealth Solutions Financial Strategies


Richard Blair and his company have a three-pillar approach when it comes to assisting clients to invest in the right way. The approach is meant to assist the company to diagnose their client’s financial problems and help them come up with an effective solution. The approach also makes it easy to come up with tailor-made solutions to each client. The following are the three pillars used by Wealth Solutions


First Pillar


What the first pillar does is to help in dragonizing the major financial problem of a client. It is a stage where the company takes a look at the financial background of a client and determines ways of assisting him or her. Through that, the company is also able to understand a client’s strengths, goals and risk levels.


Second Pillar


The purpose of the second pillar is to come up with a long-lasting strategy which caters to the needs of a client. The company at this stage helps to come up with the best investment plans where a client can reap maximum benefits.


Third Pillar


This is the last pillar in Blair’s financial planning process for his clients. It is a stage where he takes care of the insurance needs of his clients which include annuities, long-term, and life insurance.Get More Information Here.


Richard Blair was influenced by his mother and grandmother to start providing financial solution services in Austin, Texas. He learned from them that teaching had a great impact on changing the lives of other people.


Source: https://gazetteday.com/2018/02/richard-dwayne-blair-wealth-management-tips/

Adam Milstein Is A Powerful Advocate For The Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is widely recognized in the investing world as a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. In his position as a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, Adam has made a profound impact on the real estate industry. Adam manages more than 2 billion dollars’ worth of real estate across hundreds of different properties around the country. Alongside his major success in real estate, Adam’s has worked hard to give back to the community and is well-known throughout the Jewish community as one of the most respectable philanthropists.


One of the major involvements Adam plays in philanthropy is through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is run by Adam Milstein and his wife. This organization works to mentor students all across the world and especially supports students trying to strengthen their roots in Israel. Adam and his wife Gila has used a lot of recourses investing in students through their Family Foundation. Thanks to their daily efforts, hundreds of students have successfully learned more about their heritage through valuable and educational experiences. This is one of the reasons Adam was entered into the Top 200 Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs not too long ago, for his amazing dedication to the community and the impacts of his efforts on thousands of students. View More Information Here.


Adam Milstein has long been dedicated to serving the community through his philanthropic efforts, but he also regularly gives back to the Jewish community specifically. This is especially true through the establishment of the Israeli-American Council. This association works to build on the relations between Israel and the United States today. Adam Milstein is a strong advocate for improving these relations because of the personal experiences he shares with his wife who started out as an immigrant moving to the United States herself. Adam tirelessly works to improve Jewish relations and further develop the American foreign policies pertaining to Israel. His strong understanding of the unfair treatment placed on various social groups within the United States allows Adam to speak his mind without fear, as anyone should do in the face of oppression based on nationality.




Sujit Choudhry was invited to a meeting on 10th July in Kiev, Ukraine in order to have an in-depth discussion concerning the Semi-Presidential governance system in the country. Choudhry is currently the director of the constitutional transitions center. The challenges facing the system according to Choudhry are quite a number but the main ones being the over-concentration of power at one point that is the presidency. The other factors were the presence of weak political parties in the country and the electoral system put in place by the legislature.

As an expert in constitutional law, Sujit has observed that in the recent past many countries are shifting to become democracies and this is where he comes in handy. He gives appropriate advice to the countries in their constitution making process. He says that the leaders who are in charge should come together, gather information on the best policies for their countries and discuss them in order to get the best way to create a constitution for the country. Check patch.com. The process of creating a new constitution or rewriting an older one is a major point of interest for many law students and other scholars.

Sujit Choudhry is a lecturer, a speaker, and an author (http://constitutionaltransitions.org/director/#Choudhry).  He has participated in the writing of a good number of books, articles, reports, and journals among others, all talking about constitutional lawmaking and the reform process. Sujit Choudhry was very instrumental in the writing of the Canadian constitutional law. Because his works are recognized internationally, most law students get to refer to his work that is Constitutional making that comprises of case studies, academic contributions (works.bepress.com).

He has also carried out numerous researches on issues relating to constitutional law. This has certainly worked to his advantage by giving him a headstart whenever he has been called upon to give advice on designing an appropriate constitution. He also has a well-known reputation for helping countries create a constitutional design that caters for a transition from a dictatorship system of governance to a democratic one. Sujit Choudhry also gets to address issues to do with security and also provides answers to questions with regard to constitutional law. Choudhry is currently a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley-school of law.

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Meet the Hager Pacific Properties President and Humanitarian: Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is known for many things; he is a community leader, philanthropist, and a successful entrepreneur. Milstein is the president of the Hager Pacific Properties. He is passionate about real estate. Adam Milstein together with his wife are also committed to seeing that the young Jews in the society, get to know about their culture and beliefs and embrace it through their foundations. Milstein started the Hager Pacific Oceans prompted by the unfulfilling offers he got in the market. He says that while in the University, there were investors who came to recruit the students, however, they ended up giving him very poor offers.


They underestimated his abilities. Milstein began as a real estate commercial broker, and after being successful for some years, he decided to be fully independent. Milstein does not have any typical day that he follows in his career. Adam Milstein believes that every day in business is different. This is because as sales increase in the business, more responsibilities come along with them. However, one thing that has remained constant in his life is the humanitarian work. He explains that doing charity work sets the pace of his days.


The three factors that make Adam Milstein productive is the ability to follow up on his activities, be consistent and his tenacity. He also does a lot by himself. Adam Milstein says that he avoids been over-dependent on others. Whenever he assigns a task to someone who seems to be dillydallying, he handles the task for himself.


Adam Milstein warns young investors against using up all their funds on a business that seems to be successful to accumulate large profits quickly. When in college, he was selling arts to Israel Temples. When he realized he had a market, he bought so many inventories, which took him a long time to recover. He advocates for patience in development. In his case, he says he shouldn’t have tried to make a fortune in a fortnight.


Adam Milstein does not have any specific strategies he used to get to the top. He just ensures that he does his best in everything he puts his minds on and stays focused.

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Learn More: https://www.milsteinff.org/who-we-are/

Sujit Choudhry – Making a Difference in Politics

Sujit Choudhry’s recent trip to Kiev involved discussions about the center of policy and legal reform, Institute of democracy and electorate assistance, and the support provided by intergovernmental organizations around the world for maintainable democracy. Choudhry said it was an honor to be able to discuss such issue with experts and professionals in the field. He also went on to comment that the democracy in Ukraine is not yet stable due in part to the weak political parties, the focus of the presidential power and the legislature electoral system (prnewswire.com).

In Choudhry’s presence were prominent people such as Vladimir Vasilenko – Representative on Human Rights, Ukaraine, Viktor Musiaka – President’s Representative in Supreme Court, Ihor Koliushko – Center of Policy Representative, Former Parliament Member and President Advisor, Thomas Sidelius of Dalarna University, and Sumit Bisarya of International IDEA. The individuals mentioned have an in-depth knowledge of the subject that was discussed, and their valuable inputs were highly essential.

Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 He finished his masters in law at the Harvard Law School, and earned his Bachelors of Law degree at the Oxford University. His extensive knowledge of law created opportunities for him to be able to establish good partnership relations with everyone he comes across with. He is recognized internationally also because of his unique experience in the process of constitutional building.

Because of his vast experience and knowledge in law that includes constitutional building process, Sujit Choudhry was tapped to as an advisor in South Africa, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nepal and Libya among a few where he also provided lectures on constitutional building.

Currently, Sujit Choudhry holds the position of Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which works in tandem with experts in the field that come from over twenty-five countries that deals with political and constitutional affairs.

Professor Choudhry’s research on various issues on politics and comparative constitutional law has given him unmatched expertise in providing advice about law and politics and the appropriate ways on how to design a constitution (medium.com).

His diligence and hard work are appreciated and recognized in all the countries he has worked with (http://www.law.nyu.edu/news/choudhry_award).  In honor of all his efforts, he was awarded the Practitioner of the Year Award from the South Asian Bar Association in 2011. He also got an award from the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship.

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Sujit Choudhry and the Impressive Hard Work He is Doing For Ukraine

A country whose citizens are inexorable in their discontent would spell a national disaster. To counter this, a think thank composed of experts and consultants would definitely help, but not guarantee of continual peace. One of the most knowledgeable lawyers today that are able to help appease the inimical situation of the Ukraine population is Mr. Sujit Choudhry.

In his latest work with the Ukraine government, he was instrumental in making sure that the needs of the people are translated well in a constitution without forgetting the needs of an authoritative government to transition the country into a democratic system. Let’s learn more about Mr. Sujit Choudhry’s work in Ukraine below.

The Political Challenges

In an article from Release Fact, it was shown that the hard concentration of the president’s power as well as the weak legislature electoral system in Ukraine are some of the big challenges that the country is facing right now. With his help, along with major think tanks that consist of international institutions for electoral democracy, he’s able to help provide the right assistance to the government in Ukraine in the form of a structured constitution.

The Think Thanks

Some of the think tanks that help Mr. Choudhry today include Dalarna University’s Thomas Sidelius and International IDEA’s Sumit Bisarya. With them in the team, it would not be hard for the government body to find out what’s best for the people in Ukraine in order to fashion injuctions, political inoculations, and insurgency solutions that would definitely buffer the government against ruin.

About Sujit Choudhry

Among many titles behind his name, Mr. Choudhry is known for being the lawyer and director of the well-renowned Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is also an author of reports, papers and journals that help other lawyers in their work in fashioning constitutions for other countries (medium.com).

Mr. Sujit Choudhry’s work in his consultation to make sure to get the transitional democracy experts to take part in the formation of a country’s constitution (http://blogs.law.nyu.edu/magazine/2011/introducing-sujit-choudhry/).  With the right research and empirical data that reflects reality, and by distancing oneself from theories that are purely academic, Sujit Choudhry is able to address the problems of Ukraine and also prevent avoidable ones from happening.

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Adam Milstein Describes The 2017 IAC Annual Conference

Adam Milstein helped start the IAC which is an acronym for the Israeli-American Council. This organization is now one of the most influential and important Israeli-American groups in the United States. It is also a powerful lobbying group on behalf of the Jewish people, the Jewish state of Israel and Israel-Americans.


Adam Milstein was one of the early founders and backers of the Israeli-American Council when it was created in Los Angeles, California. Interestingly, Adam Milstein resides in the Los Angeles metro area with his wife and family. He works at Hager Pacific Properties, which is a real estate investment and property management firm located in Encino, California. Mr. Milstein is also a graduate of the University of Southern California’s MBA business program.


His work experience includes working as a real estate broker before being hired at Hager Pacific Properties. His keen eye and hard work helped him move up the ranks at Hager Pacific Properties and become one of the company’s top executives. Milstein now works with clients all across the nation and globe as he closes real estate deals, invests in properties and repurposes old buildings for new use.


In 2017, the IAC, which Milstein helped create, held its fourth annual National Conference in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C. The conference was attended by over 3,000 people and included business leaders, high-level politicians, professors, and community and non-profit group leaders. One of the most leading speakers at the 2017 Israel-American Council Annual Conference was United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.


Adam Milstein said that having Nikki Haley speak to the IAC and Jewish leaders was a remarkable moment and a milestone for the IAC and the Jewish people. He called Nikki Haley a friend of Israel and the Jewish people. Adam Milstein also applauded Nikki Haley for defending Isreal against sanctions in the United Nations and for promoting increased cooperation between the two countries.


The new UN ambassador’s speech gave insight into how the new political administration in the US plans on dealing with the Jewish state of Israel. It also shows that the United States and Israel will continue to be strong allies. This reinforces what the IAC stands for and what it strives to do in the future. See This Article for related information.

Adam Milstein, Israeli-American Activist, Businessman, and Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is an influential Israeli-American activist dedicated to aiding the Jewish people and strengthening international relations between the U.S. and Israel. He is also a successful real-estate investor and a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment firm based in California.


Milstein was educated in both Israel and the United States, receiving a degree in Industrial and Business Management from the Israel Institute of Technology before graduating with an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business in 1983. He began his career as a real estate agent in California, and also served as the President of Liberty West, Inc., a related entity of Hager Pacific, from 1986 until December of 2000. Since 2011, he has been a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific in Encino.


But Adam Milstein is probably best known for his philanthropy, which is particularly focused on aiding Jewish people in both the U.S. and Israel. In 2000, Milstein and his wife, Gila, co-founded the Milstein Family Foundation, which sponsors education for students of Jewish descent while helping them identify with their heritage and connect with the state of Israel. Adam and Gila also co-founded Sifryat Pijama B’America, a non-profit organization that provides free Hebrew books each month to Jewish-American families. Milstein also co-founded the Israeli-American Council, which is dedicated to strengthening relations between Israel-Americans and the State of Israel, and he was named National Chairman of the Council in 2015.


Adam Milstein is also a board member of various Israeli activist groups, including the Israel on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel and StandWithUs. Adam Milstein is extremely politically active and has written pieces above several Israeli-American issues, most notably a number of opinion pieces arguing against the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which he believes is harmful to both the U.S. and the State of Israel. See This Article for additional information.


In 2016, Adam Milstein received recognition for political and philanthropic efforts. He was listed as one of the Top 100 People Positively Impacting Jewish Life by the Jewish newspaper Algemeiner, and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency also named him one of the 25 most influential Twitter activists.


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Law Professor Sujit Choudhry Contributes to Efforts to Stabilize the Ukrainian Government

A former Dean of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law Sujit Choudhry is currently a Professor of Law at that school. Professor Choudhry is the author of 90 books and articles on the subject of Constitutional Law. His expertise is in the area of Comparative Constitutional Law and politics. He has earned Law Degrees from multiple schools including Harvard. A Rhodes Scholar one of his Law Degrees is from Oxford University (inspirery.com).

His research covers a dozen different aspects of Constitutional Law and he has lectured globally on the subject. Sujit Choudhry is the Director of the Centers for Constitutional Transition. The CCT is a collective of Think Tanks and Non-Governmental Organizations. The authorities on Constitutional Law that work with the center are devoted to helping fledgling democracies draft their constitutions. Professor Choudhry has had a hand in helping countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe form their constitutions.

In July of last year, he traveled to Kiev, Ukraine to attend a symposium organized by the Center for Policy and Legal Reform a Ukraine based Think Tank. A second organization devoted to fostering democracy world-wide the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA)and Sweden’s Dalarna University were also involved. The topic of discussion was how a semi-presidential system is undermining the Ukrainian government.

Over the last twenty years, the government in Kiev has been destabilizing. While expressing gratitude for the opportunity to exchange ideas with other Constitutional Scholars Sujit Choudhry outlined the causes of the instability. The examples Professor Choudhry sited are the powers of the president, the division of power between the president and prime minister, the means by which the legislature is elected, and ineffectual political parties, The symposium’s objective is to find solutions to these issues. More on medium.com.

The UN’s Human Rights Council representative Vladimir Vasilenko was in attendance. Sergyi Holovatyi and Viktor Musika were present on behalf of the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine and the Venice Commission respectively (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sujit-choudhry-speaks-at-semi-presidentialism-roundtable-in-ukraine-300490365.html).  Other delegates included former Representative of the President in the Supreme Council Ihor Koliushko, a former member of Ukraine’s Parliment, and a past Presidential Advisor.

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