The Detached Investor: Chris Linkas

Being a subject matter expert or having a title of similar repute, is a well sought after skill set. The apex individual on a particular subject and usually accompanied with tons of experience in real world scenarios. This distinction can be also be the catalyst for costly mistakes or adverse situations. This is especially true in the financial sector. Cautious confidence serves one well as even the most seasoned investor can fall prey to their own bias. Chris Linkas who heads the European Credit division, can attest to not being rigid and tied to fiduciary dogma. His responsibility as principal investment seeker in nine different countries more than qualifies him as one we should all listen to and advice we should take heed of.

Which brings me to my next point, corporate events can be casual investors worst enemy. Sometimes what they perceive as a positive event has the opposite affect on the company or marketplace. Sure those things can and do have weight but it shouldn’t be the only case for selling off stock. Chris Linkas knows all too well the importance of distancing ones self emotionally from investment opportunities. Chris imprinted in several different sectors to include corporate loans, real estate, securities and non performing loans.

Which fits well into the next point, don’t let past downturns or underperformance lead you down the path of neglect and indifference. Time, perception and market environment are very fluid in the investment arena. What once was untouchable can very much turn into solid quarterly earner in a matter of months. There’s a saying on Wall Street that states “you’re only as good as your last trade” (Discogs). I think this mantra can serve us all even the most novice investor with being cautious and fact based when approaching the complex world of investing.