A Breakdown of Constitutional Crises From Sujit Choudhry

Anyone interested in politics and the world of constitutional law could learn a great deal from Sujit Choudhry, one of the field’s leading experts (blogs.law.nyu.edu). He has produced a number of published pieces based on his extensive experience dealing with such topics on a real-world scale and he lectures on the subjects at Berkeley. One of the more recent pieces he has produced deals with constitutional democracies and a growing issue with them that is appearing all over the world

The piece by Choudhry starts off with a discussion of the special counsel for the Russia investigation. He brings up the subject through a reference to a tweet by once-Attorney General Eric Holder (works.bepress.com)  . The tweet in question references what should happen if Trump were to fire Robert Mueller, a move that many have claimed would be far overreaching the powers of the presidency and that may even constitute obstruction of justice. Much like how the public would react if a president tried to circumvent term limits so they could remain in power, Choudhry believes the firing of Robert Mueller represents a red line that the Trump administration shouldn’t want to cross.

The situation, according to the professor, is similar to what has been happening in Poland since 2015. In that year, the nation elected a nationalist party to control a majority of the state legislature, and the party has used their newly found power to alter Poland’s constitution to make it easier for their party to remain in power unchecked and unopposed

If this right-wing party in Poland is able to make such sweeping changes in under a year using completely legal methods based on the existing democratic infrastructure of the nation, it should certainly worry members of other nations that could go the same way. Sujit Choudhry sees how the similarities in the Trump administration and that Polish nationalist party could lead to a similar outcome.

The main point of Choudhry’s analysis of the world’s political climate as it relates to constitutional democracy is that the most effective democratic systems must be monitored closely so that they remain pure and untainted by those who would use the democratic process to install a system of government that is wholly undemocratic.

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Sujit Choudhry Touches on Crumbling Tradition

Sujit Choudhry is renowned for his efforts in publishing research regarding politics and constitutional law, and today, he is the acting I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at UC Berkeley. Sujit Choudhry’s research covers a wide variety of topics and sectors, which he has utilized as a constitutional advisor to countries such as Egypt, Libya, Nepal, Ukraine, Yemen, Sri Lanka, and South Africa for the last 20 years of his career. In this time, he has visited over two dozen countries around the world, often for a speaking engagement or in a lecturing capacity. In his writings, Sujit Choudhry covers a number of topics, ranging from constitutional courts and decentralization to federalism and minority rights.

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In the upcoming publication, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?,” Sujit Choudhry contributed a chapter in which he discusses a recent tweet that was posted by the former United States Attorney General under the Obama Administration, Eric Holder. In the tweet, Eric Holder discussed the potential dismissal of White House Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. He describes this potential decision by President Donald Trump as a “red line,” and believes that if this occurs, it will, and should, be met with peaceful protests by the American people. Sujit Choudhry also discussed Eric Holder’s belief that the decision regarding whether or not the United States Government has, or has not, in fact, abused their powers, will ultimately be up to the people. If the recent actions by the US Government stand and continue for the foreseeable future, will, in Eric Holder’s opinion, be a result of the actions taken by the American people; if they protest for change, it will happen.

In Sujit Choudhry’s upcoming piece in “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis,” (works.bepress.com), he will aim to discuss a number of examples that support the deterioration of constitutional democracy around the world, as well as the role of president beginning to increasingly resemble autocratic rule, and the changes affecting the political arena as a whole. While this trend, recently being coined, “democratic backsliding” or “authoritarian backsliding,” is nothing new, it has continued to evolve in mean since the Cold War. For an additional reading, click on law.nyu.edu.

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Adam Milstein; Author of JNS

Adam Milstein was born in Israel in a small town known as Haifa. He was the eldest son of a real estate developer, Hillel Milstein and a homemaker, Eva. Milstein’s mother went to Israel at the age of 18 from Mexico. His father was also an immigrant from Argentina. His father moved to Israel at the tender age of 19 in the year 1948 after the formation of the country of Israel. Adam Milstein is passionate about humanitarian assistance and worthy causes such as fundraising. Milstein was conscripted in 1971 into the Israeli military for mandatory service. He served as a military officer during the Yom Kippur conflict in 1973. He also fought during the six-day war on the Egyptian front and matched in the army of general Ariel Sharon. Adam Milstein took part in crossing the Suez Canal and played a key role in encircling the Egyptian military.

In 1978, Milstein enrolled as a freshman at Technion. He pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and business. While still at the university, he joined his father in efforts to expand their construction and real estate company.

Milstein’s JNS views

Adam Milstein wrote an article that was published on the JNS on February 7, 2018. In this article, he highlighted the sources of anti-Semitism. He discussed the reasons why anti-Semitism was one of the firm pillars of radical Islamist movements such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda. The article outlined the reasons why anti-Semitism has been the cause of radical right movements as well as radicalized left movements. There radical Muslims joined hands with the radical leftists in undermining the rights of the less privileged and minorities, condemning gays and stoning women.

Some countries decided to collaborate in common effort to achieve tolerance and the freedom of association and free speech. In Chicago, Illinois, two identical rallies further illustrated the discrimination even further. Three people were denied access to an LGBT gala for having flags that had the Star of David on them. On the other occasion, some Jews who attempted to take part in a rally opposing sexual violence were thrown out and later deported.


Sujit Choudhry Talks Trump’s Threatening Moves

As the current I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at UC Berkeley, Sujit Choudhry has garnered a very respectable career regarding politics and constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry has an educational background with a number of reputable institutions, including Oxford, where he attended as an undergraduate, and Harvard, where he attended the School of Law, garnering his Master of Laws degree (blogs.law.nyu.edu).  He has also placed significant emphasis on Canadian Law throughout his career and has visited in excess of two dozen countries – many of which he has worked with, in a constitutional advisory capacity.

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Recently, in touching on a recent tweet delivered by Eric Holder, the former Attorney General of the United States during the Obama Administration, Sujit Choudhry discussed the implications surrounding the potential termination of White House Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.

According to Eric Holder, if Robert Mueller is to be terminated, the American people are sure to react, in what he believes will be, peaceful protesting. Eric Holder believes this to be the logical course of action as the President of the United States, Donald Trump is potentially crossing a “red line,” teetering on the edge of abuse of authority. Sujit Choudhry further details Eric Holder’s accounts by touching on an issue that he may have, in fact, insinuated. He believes that Eric Holder is insinuating that the outcome of these possible transgressions by the American government will continue or be reversed at the behest of the American people based on their subsequent actions. Throughout the text of Sujit Choudhry’s upcoming chapter in “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis,” he aims to highlight the changing nature and possible deterioration of constitutional democracy in the United States, and during this process, he utilizes real-life examples to back his theories (works.bepress.com).  Since the Cold War, this perceived threat to constitutional democracy has existed, but in recent years, it has changed, even evolving into something more dangerous. Poland is current in the midst of these changes, as the Law and Justice Party, has consistently used unethical methods to control specific outcomes regarding political policies and elections.

Sujit Choudhry on self-enforcement of the constitution

In December 2017, the former United States attorney general, Eric Holder took to Twitter and gave his views on the issue of termination of the white house special counsel. In his remarks, he referred to the move by the government as a red line and suggested that citizens take to the streets to demonstrate what he refers to as a move to cripple the office of the special counsel.

In response to these remarks, the constitutional law and politics expert, Sujit Choudhry published a book chapter under the title ‘Democracies in Crisis.’

Sujit Choudhry’s views

Sujit points out that Holder’s suggested that the public would determine whether the termination is right or wrong if it is an abuse of power or not and that the way the citizens would react would determine what path the government decides to take regarding the matter. He refers to this concept as self-enforcement of the constitution. Under this concept, the appropriateness of the behavior of a public figure is determined by a focus on the constitutional rules. The decision as to whether or not one has violated these rules does not necessarily have to be determined by a court of law. Instead, officials who see the flaws in their fellows mobilize the people of the nation to take to the streets and demand change.

Sujit uses the book chapter to expound on democratic affairs and the currents political situation in the US and the world. He goes further and points out that there has been a recent deterioration in democracy in many nations and that many governments are beginning to exercise autocracy.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit is a 48-year-old native of New Delhi, India. He attended the Toronto Schools for his high school education and later on the Universities of Oxford, Toronto and the Law School o Harvard where he studied law.

Career journey

Sujit began as a Clerk of Law to the Canadian Supreme Court Chief Justice, Antonio Lamer. He worked as a graduate fellow and visiting researcher at the University of Harvard. Immediately after that, he became an assistant to a professor in the Toronto University and eventually in 2004 landed the position of Associate Dean and Scholl Chairperson at the same university. Since then he has lectured in several universities and gained international recognition as an expert in constitutional affairs and also taken part in the structuring of the constitution for several nations.

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Is Democracy Leaving Us?

This may sound a little alarmist, but others say that it is the conversation that we need to be having right now. That is one of concern about what is happening to our democracy. Sujit Choudhry is exactly the kind of person that you would want to speak with if you were interested in this topic.  More on blogs.law.nyu.edu.

The recent publication of an article by Sujit Choudhry in which he talks about a recent tweet by Eric Holder talking about the possibility of Donald Trump firing Special Council Robert Muller would be crossing a “red line”. That is a moment when the constitution and the country by default would be in serious danger suggests Choudhry.

Sujit Choudhry says that Holder leaves it up to the American people to decide if their elected officials have indeed crossed the red line. He goes on to make note of the fact that Holder seems to believe that constitutional democracies have a certain point when they might break.

Choudhry goes on to talk about how the concept of red lines is not a new one in American democracy. He discusses many ways in which other red lines may be crossed that could cause a constitutional crisis. For example, if an elected official who would normally be held to term limits decided to try to change the laws at the last minute to allow him or herself to have an extended or even unlimited amount of terms. This in theory could even be approved by the people, but the idea itself reeks of being undemocratic.

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There is just something about all of this that gets under people’s skin. They do not like to think about any one person having so much power that they are literally able to dictate how the rest of the country operates. It is something that democracies are not founded on, and Choudhry does point out many ways in which our very own democracy could suffer if we allowed some of these lines to be crossed. It will be interesting to see how and if the current administration elects to test the rules that have been laid out for all of American history.  For additional reading, check blogs.law.nyu.edu.

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The Real Real: General Information and Recap

This will give information surrounding a company called “The RealReal”. It will open up recapping a blog by Jason Del Rey called “The RealReal- the fashion site that sells secondhand Gucci and Louis Vuitton- wants to raise a new $100 million investment”. Then general information will be provided. Julie Wainwright who is the CEO for the company “The RealReal” has made a proclamation that the next round for private financing for hers would be the last one before an IPO would occur.

Wainright, who is responsible for establishing this site of luxury which is known for selling clothing that’s second hand. Examples are “Louis Vuitton” and “Gucci”. This company already had brought out over $170 million since it had begun seven years before. This company has been working under a model of shipment. This is where seller deliver out goods to the company. After that, the company will sell an item and then share the proceeds given from that item. They will share with a person an amount often around a percent of fifty to sixty. The site had originally begun with a focus of luxury fashion of women that has been branching out into the products of home décor, watches, jewelry, art, and menswear as well. It also has location of brick-and-mortar in New York City with probably more to come as well. This particular company is one of a couple of online businesses that are venture-backed in the sector of fashion resale. To go along, they still have the attempt to try and stand to be carving off fragments of the businesses while furthering it.

Now,general information about “The Real Real”. This company is based in San Francisco, California. It has been out for a little more than six years. It has focused on creating genuine and resale items that are high-end for the home, as well as men and women. Also, this company has given jobs to over 800 people. Also, in the last several months the company has opened up six valuation offices in locations like Washington, D.C., Chicago, L.A, San Francisco, and New York.

Mike Baur & Swiss Startup Factory

The Career Background & History of Mike Baur

In business, there is no getting around the fact that it is one of the most laborious and demanding industries to work in. When we take into consideration factors such as time, money, and overall sacrifice that it takes out of individuals to just get into this field, it is easy to see why many fail out of the filed before they can find success. As unbelievable as that sounds, it is definitely the truth. Having said that, there have been plenty of successful businessman and entrepreneurs over the course of time. Needless to say, these professionals have earned every bit of the success that they receive as business experts and professionals. Despite this fact, perhaps no other successful individual from this industry has been as impactful and as influential as Mike Baur has been in his career. In other words, the career that Mike Baur has created for himself can be described as illustrious, to say the least. In addition to this, considering the years of experience to his credit, there isn’t much that he has left on the table in terms of career accomplishments. In reality, Mike Baur is seen as the pinnacle of excellence in the entire business field. To further get this point across, Mike Baur has set the bar on what it takes to succeed in business. So, to further understand how he has managed to become so successful at what he does, here is more on the Mike Baur and his current state as a professional.


More on Mike Baur & Current State

Worth mentioning again, Mike Baur is as accomplished as it gets as a business professional. Simply put, Mike Baur is a true master of his craft. However, with the many accolades and accomplishments that he has to his name, perhaps none have been as recognized as his efforts from the Swiss Startup Factory. As founder of this company, which is one of the best banking systems in the world, has benefited so many people with their financial and banking situations. Not only have his contributions to this company benefit others but, he has also benefited himself from the company’s overall success. If this does not show how effective Mike Baur is at what he does, who knows what else will? All in all, there is no denying that Mike Baur will continue to succeed as he always has.


Trabuco Legends: Warwolf And The Siege Of Stirling

The story of William Wallace is considered one of the greatest stories of resistance in the history of mankind. When Wallace was alive he challenged the English King Edward and his forceful rule upon the Scottish people. William Wallace led a nearly successful rebellion against King Edward I. However, in 1298 he was defeated. Once he fell, it was only a matter of time before King Edward would completely control the Scotts. The first Siege of Stirling Castle would give him the final victory.

In the year 1304 A.D., King Edward I had marched against Stirling Castle according to wordreference.com. This was the last Scottish stronghold that would have been able to repel the English invaders. When King Edward I marched against this castle in 1304 he used a variety of weapons to bring it down. Most notably was the trabuco or trebuchet known as Warwolf.

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Warwolf was the secret weapon that King Edward I had used against the Scottish defenders. Keep in mind that the castle at Stirling was set upon a large hill known as Castle Hill. This position was hard to reach by foot. Armies would suffer lots of casualties if they dared to scale the mountainside or the walls to reach the defenders. King Edward I realized that scaling the castle would be a mistake. So, he used his siege engines to smash the walls of the stronghold until its occupants surrendered.

When the trabuco Warwolf was brought onto the field of battle it loomed about the other trebuchets that were present. Warwolf was a deadly weapon to encounter according to merriam-webster.com. This great beast loomed high into the sky and the Scotts were sorely afraid. They tried to surrender but King Edward I was not going to allow them to do so. He wanted to defeat the Scotts once and for all. After Warwolf was used against them they would never rise again to challenge his power.

Warwolf was thrust into action and trabuco hurled large projectiles high into the air. These large stones weighed as much as 300 pounds and it smashed through the castle’s walls. The Scotts had to surrender and leave Stirling. Otherwise, the castle would be completely lost. This was the first Siege of Stirling. King Edward I of England was the victor and his trabuco Warwolf allowed him to prevail.

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Alexandre Gama More Than Just an Advertising Executive

     Alexandre Gama founded the advertising firm that bears his name, Neogama, in 1999. In the nearly 20 years since the firm and Gama himself have won numerous awards. The recognition has made Neogama one of the top advertising agencies in Brazil and recognized worldwide for their outstanding work. The awards are endless and include 23 Golden Lion awards from the Cannes Film Festival.

Gama is not just a creative mind but also an avid entrepreneur. He has holdings in several technology and automotive companies including a controlling stake in Briggs Automotive. The British automaker manufactures luxury sports cars. Gama also believes in paying it forward, sponsoring a Brazilian student each year who shows interest and skill in advertising.