Malcom CasSelle Offers Unique Growth Strategy

The use of blockchain technology and digital currencies has been a very big story in the financial markets for the last few years. In this time period, blockchain technology has increased dramatically in use and the price of digital currencies has skyrocketed compared to where it was just a few years ago. While there are many different areas in which digital currencies and block chain are used, one of the most prevalent is when someone buys in-game assets when playing a video game.


The use of blockchain has many advantages to those that like to use it to play video games. First, it provides a great sense of anonymity. This helps to keep a players identity secure. Furthermore, it provides a lot more security than compared to paying for someone with a credit card, which can be easily hacked and stolen.


While the use of this blockchain technology is already prevalent in video games, it will likely continue to increase in use in the future. In the coming years, Opskins will be creating a new platform called the Worldwide Asset Exchange. This exchange, which will be called WAX for short, will provide a gamer with the ability to complete a variety of transactions through the use of digital currencies. This will help to establish a more organized system for processing digital currency payments.


This will hardly be the only major transaction and investment made by Opskins in the coming years. For the past few years, the company has positioned itself well in the only holdings of virtual assets. Over the past few years, the company has made many ivnestments and improvements to technology that will benefit the company for years to come.


The company continues to be led by Malcom CasSelle who is the CIO of the organization. In his current role, CasSelle is the lead on any new tech or other advancement that the company has in place. He will be a major contributor to the new WAX system and will help to ensure that it grows to the point where it is the leading provider of such services in the world.