Herbalife Signs Sponsorship With Jonathan Dos Santos

Global Nutrition company Herbalife recently made the announcement that they have signed yet another world-class athlete. It’s none other than Galaxy midfielder Jonathan Dos Santos. The sponsorship puts Dos Santos in a deal as a partner with a contract lasting at least until 2021.

Jonathan Dos Santos is, in fact, an ideal candidate for this sponsorship due to his commitment to staying in prime physical shape. He was introduced to Herbalife products in his team’s lounge and has since become a fan himself. As a daily habit, he begins his mornings using the Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength line of products.

His favorite recipe is called “banana sunrise” in which he includes fresh bananas making a protein-rich shake. There’s actually a video on the Herbalife website where he shows the process and recipe of this amazing pre-workout drink.

About Jonathan Dos Santos

Dos Santos is a Mexican soccer player who was born in Monterey, Mexico. Along with his brother Giovanni, Jonathan was spotted by the FC Barcelona team while he competed in a tournament in France. After joining the FC Barcelona academy he managed to climb up into Barcelona’s primary team. This happened after he successfully acquired European citizenship in his late teenage years.

Later in 2014 was when began to really make a name after joining the Villarreal CF and proving to be one of the top and most dependable midfielders within the league. In 2017 he became part of the Los Angeles Galaxy team where he plays along with his brother. It has been reported that the LA team paid a hefty sum of about $7 million to take the valuable player off Villarreal CF’s hands. He was also one of the 23 men who formed part of Mexico’s team during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

More about Herbalife Nutrition

Since 1980, Herbalife has made it a priority to make the world a better place by keeping people healthy with their nutrition-focused merchandise and programs. Concerned about the growing obesity problems and healthcare costs worldwide, the company succeeds in offering proven and science-backed products that almost everyone can afford.

Aside from sponsoring Jonathan Dos Santos, Herbalife also takes great pride in the sponsorship of Cristiano Ronaldo and nearly 200 other athletes and teams. Herbalife Nutrition is also well involved in philanthropic activities, a lesser known fact. Through the Casa Herbalife programs and the Herbalife Family Foundation, the company brings healthy nutrition to youth in need.