Rick Scott Face Charges: End Citizens United Behind The Charges

Florida governor, Scott is facing financial improprieties charges. It may call to charges in 1997 when Rick Scott was the acting CEO of HCA. He was forced to resign in disgrace after the company paid $1.7 billion as a fine that resulted due to FBI probe of fraudulent billing practices. Again, Rick Scott is a candidate for a Senate seat and has allegations for fraud charges, but he dismissed the accusations of violating the campaign laws.

He appealed to his Fifth Amendment, a constitutional right and that brought the proof of refusing to accept the responsibility in the court for a related civil matter to HCA fraud case. In the paper, New York Times, they cited Joshua Nemzoff as his business associate who was a participant in selling some Florida hospitals where Rick Scott’s company purchased them. Joshua Nemzoff gave Rick Scott faint praise where he said that Rick is a deal guy. Rick didn’t focus accurately on the Medicare reports. He is now concluding his last term as the governor of Florida, End Citizens United; a Democratic-learning is watching on his practices for those offering him the financial benefits as he campaigns for a Senate seat in the United States.

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End Citizens United was established to focus on the corporations and people who are willing to spend untraceable and unlimited amounts of money when supporting a particular candidate to win American elections. There is no requirement of any transparency of the source of the funds donated, and this interests some special groups and people who are wealthy to influence the election process. There are other interests of people that oppose the favoritism from the wealthy, and they led to the establishment of an organization called End Citizens United which is a political action committee and started operating in 2015. End Citizens United is an organization favoring democratic policies and principles, and it dedicates much of its efforts in preventing attempts towards the Big Money.

The goal of ECU is to end the political influence of substantial money where they motivate the citizens to elect only the pro-reform candidates. End Citizens United have been acting ballot measure campaigns, and they help in passing the pro-reform legislation to the grassroots membership.