End Citizens united is Giving “Freedom of Speech” Back to The People

End Citizens United are people who want to reverse the results of the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. The ruling for this case sent shock-waves throughout politics. The case was result of a conservative group, Citizens United, in 2008 attempting to air an hour-long film attacking then Democratic presidential primary Hillary Clinton. The Federal Election Commission found their movie about Clinton was basically an ad campaign and in turn would require the group to reveal who had paid for the film. Citizens United refused to release that information even though the federal law at the time required that the funding sources for any political ads be identified. The group sued to have the ruling overturned but was unanimously ruled against, until 2 years later when a 5-4 vote would change the way politics were done. Corporations now seemingly had the same “freedom of speech” as a citizen. No longer having to take direct responsibility for financing certain ads and backing specific people. Thus, led to End Citizens United being founded March 2015. Find out more about the endorsed candidate at End Citizens United

The team that established End Citizens United is not hiding what their goals or plans are in any way. They seek to raise grassroots funding that could be used to counterbalance the large flood of corporate cash that Citizens United released into politics. The funding the organization is able to raise will be targeted towards a Democratic candidate who supports the efforts of End Citizens United. It has been a long road, trying to get the ruling overturned and put things back as they should within the political world. They want to make sure that this kind of thing can’t happen again by also putting into place a constitutional amendment that clearly defines: the right of free speech is bestowed upon individual citizens, not legal entities like corporations. End Citizens United is a group with some powerful and knowledgeable people behind it. They won’t rest until something is done to ensure the “freedom of speech” is secured properly for the citizens of the United States. Learn more: http://endcitizensunited.org/our-team/