The Founder of Altium Capital, Jacob Gottlieb, and Stuart Weisbrod, Founder of Iguana Healthcare Partners are now Working from the Same Office Again

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod have been carrying out their separate businesses in different offices for almost 20 years, but recently they started to operate from the same office. Both are investors in the health sector and have worked together previously at Merlin Biomed Group. Weisbrod was one of the co-founding partners of Merlin in the year 1998, and the establishment operated as an investment management company focusing on the health sector. Merlin’s main portfolio included pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices among other services in the health industry. Weisbrod had built his career in biotechnology and healthcare investment after working for companies such as Merrill Lynch, Prudential-Bache Securities, Harpel Partners and Oracle Partners. His academic achievements include a BA in Chemistry from Colgate University in 1975, an MBA in Finance from Columbia University in 1986 and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Princeton University in 1980.

Weisbrod met Jacob Gottlieb at Merlin where he was working in his team as a portfolio manager. Gottlieb focused a lot on the biotechnology revolution while at Merlin and managed to help the company achieve great returns of more than 100 percent between the year 1999 and 2000. Through his efforts with other portfolio managers in the company, they continued to generate high returns, and this attracted prominent customers such as family offices, pension funds, endowments and several prominent individuals. However, despite the great success of the company, Merlin eventually was closed down, and investors received back their funds.

Both Weisbrod and Gottlieb went in separate ways and decided to create new investment firms. Weisbrod founded Iguana Healthcare Partners, and their main focus was working with public companies in the healthcare sector. Such companies include biotechnology, healthcare information technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare service and diagnostic companies. Gottlieb, on the other hand, established Visium Asset Management, which was a successful hedge fund investment company before its closure in the year 2016. The firm’s closure came as a result of insider trading and mismarking conducted by some employees and executives. Gottlieb, however, was not accused of any charges and was cleared from any illegal dealings in Visium’s trading scandal.

As Gottlieb continued to dissolve Visium, he also focused on growing his newest investment firm by the name Altium Capital, which intends to create investment and growth opportunities to companies in the health industry. Due to his successful career in healthcare investments, he also opted to invest in Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc., a firm that is determined to improve medical treatments administration. Oramed’s main innovation is insulin capsules, and even if they have not received approval from FDA yet, the capsules have already received world attention due to its probable ability to disrupt the injectable pharmaceuticals. While Gottlieb and Weisbrod have been involved in different activities for some time now, the fact that they are under one roof might lead to future collaboration in business.