Roseann Bennet Raises Mental Health Awareness


Many people today suffer from mental heal illness. Many have sought help from professionals to help treat mental health diseases. Institutions, business, and communities have started raising awareness of the different issues that mental health patients and doctors face each day. Roseann Bennet, a licensed therapist, has helped to raise mental health awareness and has helped many keep the prevent mental relapse through various treatment. Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy.

During the mental health awareness week, Bennet wrote a remarkable piece that addresses the different ways people could keep their mental health conditions in check. With more than 20 years of experience, Roseann Bennet has enough knowledge on the matter to offer professional advice.

According to Bennet, many people have mental illness due to stress. Stress has been known to cause a lot of damage to the human body including causing mental illness. Roseann Bennet advocates that people show try as much as possible to live a stress-free life with little or no stress. It is essential always to acknowledge increased levels of anxiety before one ends up in mental facilities.

Roseann Bennet also advocated that people should stop trying to control matters that are beyond their control. Reports show that many mental health issues arise when people try taking charge of issues that are beyond their control. Bennet advises that people should always focus on the positive thing in their lives. By doing so, it would be easy for an individual to appreciate how much control they have rather than focusing on what they cannot control. Go Here to learn more.

Like many therapists, Roseann Bennet believes that if people focus on happy memories, mental illness issues will significantly reduce. It is also important to tell people when you think or experience a mental episode to get the help you need. Speaking out will not only help you but other people around you.