The Ways Of Event Planning With Kimberly Bakker


The life of an event planner is full excitement for what each day brings. Kimberly Bakker is an individual with a deep love for bringing together a wide array of pieces together for events. Her background includes a business degree from University of Southern California, and serving on countless boards. During a recent interview with Ideamensch, she discusses how to approach the event planning industry.


The origin of Kimberly’s passion dates back to her childhood. Kimberly Bakker’s mother described how she would put together complex parties a child. She had a talent for combining various pieces and making a cohesive event come together. As an individual from a traditional household, and a little OCD, she understands the importance of creating an event that goes just right. The formula to a great event takes the clients desires into consideration, and how effectively resources are used when putting together the event. See This Page for related information.


The average day for an event planner can vary wildly depending if there’s an event scheduled or just planning. In either case, she always her day spending quality with her daughter. From there, if it’s an event day, she’ll pack the car to the brim with the supplies and head out for the day. After the hectic day is over, she’ll return home and enjoy a good book for falling to sleep. Kimberly Bakker believes organization to be the number quality required for a business owner.


Kimberly Bakker is an event planner like no other. She has a deep passion for making the event happen and run as smoothly as possible. She has top class organization skills to keep a healthy state even on the most hectic of days. Kimberly Bakker is always looking for new ways to refining the planning process, and find new exciting ideas to try out.


In 2016, Kimberly Bakker founded The Project for Girls. Girls from all walks of life are interviewed to learn about their unique individual needs. Members are encouraged to read about the experiences of other teenage girls as well as write about their own experiences to share.