Ex Barclays Exec Harry Harrison Is Back In New York

Harry Harrison was formerly employed at Barclays in London, and he most recently served as executive head of Barclays Non-Core. He had been with them for 20 years. Harry was appointed to his last position at the bank in 2014 and remained with them in that role until 2017. His experience in the fields of investments and trading dates back many years.

He studied economics as an undergraduate and graduate student. Harry Harrison was drawn to the subject, and he was certain even in his early days that his career would be centered around financial services. Now that Harry is no longer in London and is taking a break, he is able to spend more time with his wife Amy and their two young boys in New York. His typical day is anything but routine. He is busy as a stay at home dad, and Harry is pursuing new hobbies.

Harry Harrison believes in collaboration and diversity as he explores new ideas. He also believes humility plays a big part when one is aware of the limitations as well. Harry prefers to resolve things quickly as opposed to putting them on a to-do list for later. This allows him to move on to other priorities.

He proclaims himself as a results-driven individual in business and in his personal endeavors. As he looks back. Harry understands the need to also enjoy things along the way to the aspired end result. He now is making time for other things in his daily life. Harry is golfing and has recently taken up yoga. He’s also enjoying the play dates and activities with his boys as well as traveling with his wife.

Harry Harrison learned alot in his first 28 years in financial services, and he looks forward to taking his next career steps.