The Alternative Investment by The Head of The Global Investment, Gareth Henry.

A Brief background on the reason for alternative asset investment.

When regulations were made to change how the lending system operated, i.e how banks originated loans to private business, there was an alarming contract in the amount of money that business would receive to undertake their planned business activities. The situation was made even worse when there were regulations demanding that businesses disclosed their financial statements to the public. This bought about a number of problems to the businesses. First, this meant that their financial progress would become public businesses. Second, in case of premature financial projections, investors would withdraw their much-needed funding for to perceived loss before the financial year came to an end. Lastly, disclosing the business’s financial position would stop potential investors from investing with the said company. These factors brought about the development and growth if alternative asset investment. Visit

What Alternative Asset Investment Entails.

The alternative investment includes private credit and private equity as forms of funding business operations. As head of global investor relations for a number of financial companies, Gareth Henry is very well equipped in matters of alternative investment. The former head of forex investment has extensive experience in growing private equity, hedge funds, and credits. Gareth Henry witnessed the first-hand migration to private credit and private equity among investors. Having always been drawn to the interaction between maths and finances, Gareth Henry has combined his precision thinking of a ‘math geek’, hard work and experience in building and facilitating business relations that later develop into an extensive network of contacts at sovereign funds insurance institutions, pension funds, and other capital sources.

Gareth Henry.

In his career and working with investment companies, Henry operated under the collegiality for synergy enhancement philosophy. On the same note, Gareth Henry treasures feedback from friends, peers, coworkers, and clients. This feedback helps him understand his current position, in terms of his career in alternatives asset investment, what he needs to do about it and where to invest next. Gareth values education and has a degree in actuarial mathematics from a Scotland university, the University of Edinburgh. Read more on