Steve Ritchie Has Big Plans for Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie knows what it takes to work your way to the top. In 2006, he started as a hourly worker in a branch of Papa John’s. At the beginning of this year, he was made Chief Executive Officer. He is not the exception. 98% of restaurant managers worked for the company as drivers, customer service reps or shift managers.

Although Papa John’s is the third largest pizza delivery company, Ritchie knows that there is work to be done. He has been listening to a range of people, including staff and experts in the fields of equality and diversity, in order to shift the culture of the company back to its core beliefs.

One of the things Ritchie wants to achieve, it is the broadening of its minority owned franchises. He is also looking for gender diversity, and so he is finding ways to allow more women to own a Papa John’s franchise. He will be doing this through a program of incentives and favorable pricing structures. Ritchie will not stop there. He wants Papa John’s to have a bigger reach into the communities that the company serves.

The new ad campaign that Ritchie has developed is aimed at winning former customers back, and he is particularly focused on millennials and Gen Z customers. He is hopeful that there will be very few store closings, and he is also optimistic about overseas growth. He believes there will be 350 new stores worldwide. Papa John’s has had a series of quarters of negative growth, but Ritchie believes that the estimates for future earnings are not accurate. That model takes into account that no old customers will be returning to Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie hopes that the new franchise owner program and the new ad campaign mean that it will not be the case that they cannot win back former customers.

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