Roseann Bennett: How To Administer The Right Mental Healthcare To Patients


Roseann Bennett boasts of being a professional caregiver with a significant dedication of her professional life to making sure that every patient who encounters challenges in the mental healthcare department receives the right treatment option and therapy.

Bennett dedicates her career to discuss issues pertaining to the healthcare diagnosis o mental issues including technology and the ease with which clients can access useful platforms. Recently, Bennett addressed the value of “Telemedicine” in administering therapy to patients. Bennett observed that “Telemedicine” has a positive impact on the lives of patients and doctors since the parties don’t have to meet physically to administer or receive viable treatment. As opposed to the usual conventional treatment methods, “Telemedicine” offers a comprehensive platform of modern technologies for patients to reach physicians and connect with them. These technologies play an integral role in eliminating doctor-patient interactions through channels such as Skype and email.

Roseann Bennett adds that the nature of this platform makes it an impressive deal with many benefits while raising a few red flags regarding its effectiveness in assisting patients with mental issues to access treatment. Not only is the “Telemedicine” convenient but also easy to use when seeking virtual appointments since patients don’t have to travel all the way to the doctor. Bennett also notes that “Telemedicine” could be risky since the therapist could lose a patient’s data thereby making errors during diagnosis and treatment. Click Here to learn more.

Moreover, caregivers who administer treatment need to learn how to use “Telemedicine” to form good relationships with their patients effectively. She, however, notes that it may be difficult to deliver the right treatment before establishing a good relationship with the patient. Online counseling can also lead to the delivery of inconsistent services since caregivers may abuse the platform by issuing rushed decisions before assessing the health of the patient. In severe cases, Roseann Bennett implores healthcare practitioners to hold a meeting with the patient in order to understand the intensity of the problem.


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