Michael Nierenberg and his Quest to Make an Impact in the Investment World

Michael Nirenberg is a man who holds numerous positions simultaneously in either the same organization or diverse ones. Currently, he is taking up the chairman, president, and chief executive officer roles at New Residential Investment Corp. This entity is a real estate investment firm that was incorporated in 2011. Nierenberg rose to his current position in the organization in 2013.

Michael Nirenberg, who is fifty-six years old, has worked in other major organizations in the investment arena over the years. These different roles have contributed to his current expertise in leadership and investment. He has been Samuel Waxman’s chairman since 1996, which is one of the positions he has held for a long time. This entity is a cancer research center; thus, it counts as part of his contribution to society.

Michael Nierenberg is also known for the role he played in developing the Fortress Investment Group, as he was a managing director at some point. Nierenberg has also been in the banking sector, as he once held a leadership position at Bank of America. His duties included heading securitized products. He was also in charge of global mortgages in the same organization. Precisely, he monitored or oversaw all activities in sales and trade. Before being part of the Bank of America team in 2008, Nierenberg’s employer was JP Morgan. In this investment bank, he not only headed the global securitized products, but he also gained a member’s seat in the management committee.

Michael Nierenberg spent a significant part of his career at Bear Stearns where he developed his expertise by taking up various leadership roles. At one point during the fourteen years he was in this organization, he headed the operations of forex trading and interest rates. Nierenberg also shared leadership roles in the mortgage-backed securities as well as structured products units. He was also part of the company’s Board of Directors between 2006 and 2008. During his time at Lehman Brothers, which was his workplace before joining Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg spent seven years developing the company’s adjustable rate mortgage. These achievements show that Michael Nierenberg has the relevant capacity and capability to handle any challenges in the investment sector.

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Highlights From Edwin Miranda, CEO Of KOI IXS Interview

There is no doubt that KOI IXS is a successful marketing venture. Under the management of marketing mogul Edwin Miranda, this company has met the expectations of thousands of entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. Edwin Miranda takes pride in helping businesses to build internationally recognized brands through execution of highly successful marketing strategies. The company has been in business for many years and was started by Edwin Miranda when he was 21 years old.

Originally, it was known as KOI. Over time, the company has embraced modern technologies in marketing. In recent times, Edwin Miranda has praised the idea of attribution and predictive marketing. He believes that these are technologies that can be utilized to create successful marketing strategies. With predictive marketing technology, enterprises can predict how a strategy will perform in the real market.

Edwin Miranda believes that his success as an entrepreneur is based on passion for what he does. All his strengths are directed to the growth of KOI IXS and the creation of superior marketing solutions for his clients. In the period that he has worked in marketing industry, he has been behind numerous marketing strategies that have helped businesses to build internationally recognized brands. As a marketer, he is interested in helping other businesses to attract new customers, and retain current customers through proper customer engagement methods.

Advice to other businesses

Edwin Miranda as an experienced successful businessman has something to tell other business people. Passion plays an important role in determining whether one will be successful or not. To build a successful business venture, you will need passion for what you do. You must be ready to wake up every day and do something that you love.

Miranda also believes in risk-taking as a way of helping business enterprises to succeed in what they do. It is through risk-taking that one can know what can work for them and what can’t.

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Ryan Seacrest: The 12 Essential Things about Work Ethics

Ryan Seacrest is a television host, producer, and radio personality. He is famous for hosting the well-known American Idol program; a competition show. Ryan also hosts the American Top forty which is a syndicated countdown program and the Live on Air with Ryan which is an iHeartMedia’s morning program.

Ryan received the Award nominations for the American Idol between 2004 and 2013 and again in 2016. In 2010 he won the Emmy Award for producing the famous Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. He also received the nominations for the Live with Kelly and Ryan in the Outstanding Talk Show and Entertainment Talk Show Host.

The 12 Things Seacrest Can Teach You about Work Ethic

Seacrest is among the hardest working individuals in the United States. While most individuals would say that they are busy when they have two to three jobs to handle, Seacrest has almost ten. In addition to the syndicated iHeartMedia radio show, he is also co-hosting with Kelly and Ryan.He also hosts the New Year’s Eve Show from the Times Square and manages the Ryan Seacrest Distinction, which is the leading menswear lifestyle brand.

The 12 things that you can easily learn about work ethic from Seacrest include being an early riser, do everything for a reason, always be consistent, overcome your insecurities, always give back to the community, Never refuse a job and doing your homework perfectly on social media. You should also learn to fall in love with keeping yourself busy, always remember where you came from, choose excellent mentors, never rest on the laurels and remember to work.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a non-profit-making firm that is dedicated to inspiring the current youth through education and entertainment focused initiatives.

The foundation’s first initiative is to help build various broadcast media centers named the Seacrest Studios within the pediatric hospitals for individuals to explore the creative territories of television, radio, and the new media. Its aim is to improve the healing process for kids and their respective families during their stay in these facilities.

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Agera Energy Eversource Overview

Electricity is a modern need everyone needs to thrive in the digital world we have seen be created around us. WIth that, finding a good energy company can still be a challenge as few options usually exist in each market. Agera Energy Eversource offers electric services to a variety of clients across the country. They have an interesting program for their energy clients to help save money. The Eversource program offered by Agera Energy can help customers reach their energy consumption goals while keeping the price set at a standard rate. The program has been hailed by some state agencies as being one of the best in the region. With that in mind, you can learn more about the overview of the Agera Energy Eversource program online.

Specifically, the firm offers a variety of energy solutions for east coast customers across over a dozen states, as well as Texas and California. The company has been in the electricity business since 2014 and continues to offer superior service for nearly half a decade! The young electric company continues to set itself apart from the competition with unique pricing plans to serve their members to the best of their abilities. You can learn more about Agera Energy Eversource online through their about us page.

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JD.com Develops A New Advanced Logistic Means Of Delivering Goods


JD.com or Jingdong Mall is the largest and most prominent online retail in China as well as the largest internet company by revenue. The company has been ensuring the customers’ satisfaction as their priority through its commitment to on-time service delivery of quality and authentic products ranging from fashion, electronics to food items. The company serves over 1 billion customers on a daily basis in China, and it has also expanded its wings abroad in places such as the United States, Europe and Asia.

Recently, Jingdong Mall launched the first approved government drones in Indonesia. This was in a move towards its achievement of enhancing the delivery process of goods. This move was not only beneficial to JD`s operation but also to the citizens who would wish to use the drone. The news was announced during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

The piloting test of this project took place on Tuesday when a test drone flew donated books and other items from the village of Jagabita to MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School. The company is well known for actively participating in giving back to the community. Through its advanced technology, JD.com philanthropist team have been utilizing it to offer and distribute help in occurrences of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

JD.com together with its JV e-commerce partners JD.ID was the first movers to initiate drone project in Indonesia. The formed corporation, JD.ID which launched the e-commerce back in 2016, has grown rapidly selling 1 million SKUs and has been serving over 20 million customers all over the country. Find Additional Information Here.

The company has leveraged a logistic network with 10 warehouses spread across the country`s island. Inventions of drones seem to come with plenty of benefits first, by the matter of fact Indonesia spread across the islands hence the implementation of drones in e-commerce services and other logistics deliveries will enhance delivery of ordered goods on the same day or next day.

Jingdong Mall is a partner of WEF, and implementation of drones’ delivery will fulfil one of the partnership agenda. WEF and JD.com have been collaborating in making the piloting project in Indonesia succeed.


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The Lincolnshire Management Company

Frank Wright and Steven Kumble founded the Lincolnshire Management company in 1986. The company is New York-based and is a private equity firm that mainly deals with acquisitions as well as investments all over the Middle East.

Frank Wright had previously been in a special finance division for close to thirty years, working for a company known as Hanover Trust Incorporation. His role in the company made him get a reputation in the 1980s because of the buyouts that he used to leverage. This was the motivation behind Lincolnshire Management alongside his business partner Steven Kumble.

Unfortunately, Frank passed away in 1992 which was followed by several changes in the management of the company, ranging from James Tozer to T.J. Maloney. Despite the changes, Steve maintained his executive position until he left the organization after being given a good offer to be one of the founders of the Corinthian Capital in 2005. More information is given on this link.

The first recognizable investment by the company was in 2009 where they bought some shares of the Wabash National Corporation. Wabash National Corporation had at the time just purchased one of the Lincolnshire Management’s portfolio companies which was Transcraft.

Later on, in 2010, the company was named among the top ten private equity firms which were a step into the oncoming success of the company. Since then, the company became quite popular all over New York and had always had an upward trend regarding improvement. This is detailed further in this link https://www.privateequitywire.co.uk/2018/04/04/262901/lincolnshire-management-sells-port-terminal-operator-amports

The company has also opened some offices in the United States across areas such as Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. 2011 saw the company being named among the fast-growing private equity firms by CNN Money and the Fortune Magazine.

The company has made approximately 70 acquisitions of different firms which have also increased Lincolnshire Management’s exposure to various industries. The company is also equipped with professionals in the different departments and regional offices who have been trained to work towards the achievement of the company’s overall goals.

The company also manages other companies’ portfolios as well as their equity funds, with the most recent one named as the Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV whose value is approximately $835 million.

Ryan Seacrest: The Busiest Man in Hollywood and His Daily Routine

The lively entertainment industry in Hollywood is dominated by people with unique backgrounds, and one of them is Ryan Seacrest, dubbed as the busiest individual in the industry. He gained his popularity after hosting radio shows and becoming the host for American Idol, a phenomenal reality television show produced by his own entertainment company. Californians, especially those who live within Los Angeles, would also hear his voice every morning, and it has been a staple for the locals to listen to his voice while they are taking their breakfast. Reaching his current position is not a joke, and he had to sacrifice a lot to climb the ladder of success. Every time Ryan Seacrest looks back into the sacrifices he made to become successful in Hollywood, he couldn’t help but feel proud of himself and his achievements in life.

Ryan Seacrest dedicated most of his time working, and based on the stories from his personal secretary, the popular entertainment personality would have to wake up early in the morning just to get to work at the local radio station. Then before the day ends, Ryan Seacrest would make sure that he will be able to write an article for an entertainment magazine, show up on television and conduct interviews with celebrities, and attending special occasions and events which gave him invitation weeks in advance. He is also using some of his free time managing his personal business and tracking the performance of his entertainment company that brought the Kardashians to the television.

Ryan Seacrest has a lot of investments in different industries, and he stated that managing it makes him happier because it adds a different tune to his repetitive daily routine. He invested heavily in his clothing line which is exclusively sold by Macy’s, called the Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He also has active advertising contracts with Ford and Coca-Cola, and he is also expecting the opening of Polished, a men’s skincare business owned by him and Dr. Lancer. Aside from managing his businesses, he also manages the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and he is also serving as the honorary chair for the Grammy Foundation and one of the board members at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.



New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp via the excellent team of management has put a lot of rules that have set the company at the better niche in the market on the matters of the real estate. Since it was started in the year 2011, the company has increased its level and also the number of clients has increased. The factor that has allowed the firm to be at the highest position in market on the matters of the real estate is the in-depth research the firm has invested heavily. New Residential Investment Corp Stock Portfolio has the best platform that allows the clients of the company to trade with ease and create a better way of handling the challenges in the market scene. Loans and the Securities are the significant areas that the company controls. The dedication that has been set by the team of management has been enough to make the company propelled to the better level in less than a decade.

New Residential Investment Corp has put itself at the better scene through the excellent services to its clients. Most of the significant incidents that have been set by the firm have created a unique platform that allows the customers to access mortgage and loans with ease. The step has been supported mainly in the city of New York. The manner in which the management of the New Residential Investment Corp handles the issues of control has set the firm to a better level in market and made clients believe in it.

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Steve Lesnard’s Guide To Product Marketing

Marketing a product online can be extremely difficult and oftentimes is quite confusing. However, Steve Lesnard seems to have cracked the code with his guide to marketing a product in the digital age. Using two main principles, the integrated marketing and consumer expert has broken down what brands need to do to successfully sell their product across a few key digital marketing channels. As Steve Lesnard notes, the first of these is to keep it simple; this forces brands to concentrate almost exclusively on the innovative and unique features that their product offers.

That being said, keeping your product marketing simple isn’t exactly easy, and it can take quite some time for brands to figure out which benefits to focus on and how they’re going to relay their message to consumers. If there’s an abundance of features that a product has on offer, then many brands may need to simply pick the most relevant benefits (or a few small benefits) to focus on when they’re marketing their product. The second core principle that Steve Lesnard focuses on is bringing the product to life and making it real. It’s one thing to explain what your product does, but it’s something else entirely to show customers what the real-life experience will actually be like.

Brands need to address the questions of how it works, how it can be used and a whole lot more. Explaining this, Mr. Lesnard has said that the use of strategic photos and videos can go a long way in helping to sell your product. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words; with that in mind, the appropriate use of different types of media can go a long way in marketing a product. The digital world has an abundance of tools available to help brands properly market their product portfolio; not to take advantage of these tools would be a significant waste of potential. Because of that, once you’ve figured out the main benefit that you want to highlight, it’s almost mandatory to use photos and videos in order to show off these benefits as well as your overall product. For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/public/Steve-Lesnard



Victoria Doramus Is A Generous Giver Who Just Wants To Make The World A Better Place

Victoria Doramus is an addiction expert  who has been helping other addicts to recover in recent years. She has also been serving her community as a philanthropist, who gives out of the generosity of her heart. She has been volunteering with many different charitable organizations recently and hopes to continue to do as much as she can to make the world a better place for all living creatures.

Victoria Doramus has chosen to spend time volunteering with the Best Friends Animal Society. The organization operates to help put an end to the killing of cats and dogs in shelters. It also works to reduce the amount of homeless pets in the world. Best Friends has a no-kill sanctuary for pets in Utah. The organization also works out of Georgia, New York, Atlanta, and California. It has greatly reduced the amount of cats and dogs that have been killed in shelters in the United States since its creation in the early 1980s.

Victoria Doramus also supports the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which is a charitable cthat works with young people to help keep them off of drugs. The foundation educates youngsters about the real dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and offers support to those who are already in the thralls of addiction. Mark Ronson has worked with the foundation as have other music industry professionals.

Victoria Doramus is also working with Room to Read, which is an organization that focuses on supporting educational equality for all people around the world. Room to Read has made life better for girls in developing nations who are hoping to finish secondary school. The organization has built more than 12,000 libraries and close to 1,500 schools in a spread of countries including Zambia, Sri Lanka, Laos, and more. Thousands of girls have also been provided with scholarships that help them for many years.

Victoria Doramus has also decided to support the Women’s Prison Association (WPA) as a volunteer. The organization offers assistance to women who are involved with the criminal justice system in the U.S. It offers women residential alternatives rather than incarceration and also helps to educate and mentor women who need it the most.

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