Steve Lesnard’s Guide To Product Marketing

Marketing a product online can be extremely difficult and oftentimes is quite confusing. However, Steve Lesnard seems to have cracked the code with his guide to marketing a product in the digital age. Using two main principles, the integrated marketing and consumer expert has broken down what brands need to do to successfully sell their product across a few key digital marketing channels. As Steve Lesnard notes, the first of these is to keep it simple; this forces brands to concentrate almost exclusively on the innovative and unique features that their product offers.

That being said, keeping your product marketing simple isn’t exactly easy, and it can take quite some time for brands to figure out which benefits to focus on and how they’re going to relay their message to consumers. If there’s an abundance of features that a product has on offer, then many brands may need to simply pick the most relevant benefits (or a few small benefits) to focus on when they’re marketing their product. The second core principle that Steve Lesnard focuses on is bringing the product to life and making it real. It’s one thing to explain what your product does, but it’s something else entirely to show customers what the real-life experience will actually be like.

Brands need to address the questions of how it works, how it can be used and a whole lot more. Explaining this, Mr. Lesnard has said that the use of strategic photos and videos can go a long way in helping to sell your product. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words; with that in mind, the appropriate use of different types of media can go a long way in marketing a product. The digital world has an abundance of tools available to help brands properly market their product portfolio; not to take advantage of these tools would be a significant waste of potential. Because of that, once you’ve figured out the main benefit that you want to highlight, it’s almost mandatory to use photos and videos in order to show off these benefits as well as your overall product. For more information, visit: