Victoria Doramus Seeks To Unlock Dormant Human Potential

Victoria Doramus Wants to Unlock Under Appreciated Human Potential

One of the largest key assets that exists in society today is that of human potential. Human potential can bring about many different innovations, elevate communities, and grow many different economies. Human capital, when organized correctly, leads to prosperity. Nations such as the United States, India, China, and other booming countries have shown that when they invest in their people and bring about the right incentives for individuals to be productive, great things can happen.

This is especially evidenced in the United States. Everyone knows it as the land of opportunity and many have flocked here over many decades to learn, work, and earn. As such, many people have found success in a variety of ways, as they have dedicated themselves to giving to their communities and making a difference every single day.

Victoria Doramus believes in the power of the human spirit and knows that there is a significant portion of human capital that lies dormant today. As a part of her personal mission, she seeks to invest as much as she can in different organizations that bring about this compelling change in society. Here is one key organization that she supports on a regular basis.


The Women’s Prison Association

Victoria Doramus supports the Women’s Prison Association because she thinks that everyone deserves a second chance. The work that the Women’s Prison Association is doing is one that is quite compelling. This organization looks at the different reasons why many women have ended up in jail and seek to make changes.

They then represent them in many different ways. The WPA is a representative of more than 3900 women across different holding facilities in the great state of New York. As such, Victoria and the WPA are more interested in letting these women be contributors to society, they want to find different ways to give them a better life, and to make sure that individuals do not have to be in jail for very low-level issues. Get More Information Here.


Victoria Doramus wants to invest in organizations such as WPA that will always be about making lives better in a more positive manner.

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