Dr. Tim Ioannides Gives Us The Secrets To Success


Dr. Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist that has a successful practice called Treasure Coast Dermatology in Treasure Coast, Florida;. He has been practicing in the area for over fifteen years, and even graduated from the University of Miami Medical School.

What makes Dr. Ioannides different from his contemporaries is that he chooses to focus on the medical aspect of dermatology.

In today’s society, many dermatologist focus most of their attention on the cosmetics of the industry. Before he started his own practice, Dr. Tim Ioannides was doing the same thing while working for another doctor. It is there where is learned that medical dermatology was his true calling, and he decided to open up his own practice. While he still did a few cosmetic procedures to keep the income stable, he eventually got to the place where he focused full time on helping patients with skin care, such as skin cancer and tumor treatment.

His typical day includes getting up at six, working out, and then helping his wife with the kids before getting to work. He has different locations, but has the same staff, which helps with his patients having a sense of stability. To add to this sense, Dr. Ioannides also does have what he calls ‘patient extenders’. Visit This Page for related information.

Dr. Ioannides prefers to have a personal relationship with all his parents. When he is in the exam rooms, he also tries not to use a computer screen and decides instead to use paper instead.

The only real piece of technology that he uses is an iPod to record his patient encounters to send to the transcriptionist. Also, Dr. Ioannides does not allow drug representatives in his office. He thinks that they don’t care about the patient success, but just selling the drugs to every doctor that is willing to take them. While Dr. Ioannides has had to learn and experiences many things in life, it has all worked out in the end for him and his patients.