Edwin Miranda: Founder And CEO KOI IXS

Edwin Miranda is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of KOI IXS – full service and performance-driven marketing agency. Edwin entrusts in the strength of performance marketing and seeks to empower world brands to get a big market share, acquire new customers and create meaningful client engagement.

The future is near under the management of Edwin Miranda; KOI/IXS is assisting brands faster and pushing the limits to new heights. Miranda has several years of experience within the mortgage banking sector and wide practice in purchasing and refinancing originating home loans. He strongly believes in providing the most competitive costs and excellent customer services.

Edwin Miranda is privileged to lead an enthusiastic and gifted team of designers, creators, thinkers, and strategists. Consistently, he aids in aligning the group’s vision and join their common imaginative abilities to deliver work that merits development. Utilizing a rich history of powerful brand work and desire for promoting innovation, Miranda appreciates giving customers the necessary edge to prevail in the present jumbled market.

About predictive and attribution marketing, Edwin Miranda has dependably been an enthusiast of results. He looks forward to delivering and drive bottom-line outcomes to partners and clients despite that being hard to execute and measure with the old technology. Miranda notes that the present times are exciting because; it is possible to apply machine-learning technologies to boost customer growth and customer acquisition.

More so, it is possible to distinguish and reconnect with all types of customers through a simple and automated approach to prescient analytics. Today, out of the blue, we can predict and attribute our results and sales to the correct outlets, both offline and online to furnish customers and groups with continuous information. Thus, predictive analytics has actualized personalized marketing, and for the initial time, it is accessible to various marketers in small businesses and big companies.

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