Agera Energy Welcomes Its New CFO To The Fold

Agera Energy is a five year old company that is based in Briarcliff Manor, NY. They supply homes and businesses with electricity and natural gas. They also offer customers way to be more efficient with their energy usage and get some of their energy from green sources.

They are led by Chief Executive Officer Jeremy E. Schupp and Chief Operating Officer Steven Laker.

They recently hired Geoff Duda as their new chief financial officer. He has been in the retail energy industry for a long time and so was a great fit at Agera Energy. Before joining Agera Energy he had worked for Direct Energy and KPMG.

He had been at Direct Energy for seven years prior to joining Agera Energy. At that company, he had been a vice president in charge of business development and finance.

Agera Energy’s Youtube.