Agera Energy Hires New CFO

For many years, Agera Energy has been supplying all of their customers electric and natural gas needs. The company has grown tremendously in recent years because of their dedication to customer service and in keeping their prices as low as possible. Recently, Agera Energy hired a new chief financial officer who they hope will bring even more business to the company. Mark Linzenbold has many years of experience working in the industry and has managed many of the major energy firms financial departments. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Agera Energy is placing Mark into this position knowing that he has the education and experience to further increase the companies revenue. Mark has been instrumental in rearranging finances for other companies and bringing about change that reflects in their customers monthly billing. He is looking forward to working with Agera Energy to streamline their billing department in order to make it easier for customers to pay their bills. He wants to be able to increase their monthly budgeting program that is currently in place so that customers can pay the same rate each month. Read more about Agera Energy at

Agera Energy supplies electric power to their customers in many ways. They have a program using the energy created by wind turbines called Pure Wind. This program has enabled their customers to reduce their monthly electric costs significantly. Agera Energy is currently planning on increasing this program to more states in the nation. The natural gas services they also provide are rated at the lowest possible costs and the company is constantly negotiating prices with their suppliers.

The company would like to see more of their programs going to a less traditional method and they are committed to reducing the carbon footprint that they leave behind. They believe there are many alternatives to the current way that energy is produced and they have a department within their facility that is focused on this. Agera Energy feels that more people will be looking to these alternatives in the future. If you look at the company website, you can find out more information on any of the programs they have in place and what they are planning for.