Article Title: Agera Energy On Efficient Spaces: LED’s, Pure Wind Power, And More

Article Text:

Agera Energy is an NYC-based energy company which has an option that not all major energy providers have. Agera Energy actually has an option for purely wind-derived energy from windmills. This wasn’t even an option for most consumers just a decade previously, but now it is available to everyone regardless of what state they live in via Agera Energy. This comes on the heels of energy regulations softening up amongst a rise in popular sentiment for using renewably-sourced energy across the country.

In addition to consuming purely windmill-derived energy, consumers can also save money by the very simple act of switching their light bulbs out. Replacing bulbs with newer LED ones can cause a nice monthly savings on consumers electric bills. Moreover, reducing the use of heated water can also create immense savings for consumers, according to Agera Energy, because the average percentage of energy which water heating accounts for is about 18%.

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