Edwin Miranda on Navigating the Startup and Expansion Phases of Business Building

Edwin Miranda is the brains behind KOI IXS, where he serves as the CEO of the marketing firm. To enhance productivity, he believes in the power of performance marketing which is needed to succeed in today’s marketing industry. Clients want to account for each penny directed towards marketing, and the only way to do this is to link it to a substantial increase in sales, marketing, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

Given he is the leader of a very dynamic team and demanding business, Edwin Miranda has to always be organized. As such, he makes to-do lists daily and also has some for his long term and short term goals. This way he keeps track of what he has accomplished and what is still pending. Additionally, using software and web services such as Fantastical 2 help him stay organized by managing all his meetings and events in one place.

However, Edwin Miranda says organization alone is not enough if you are to run a company like KOI IXS. Passion for what you want to achieve is a no-brainer for you to survive the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. You also need to make those around you believe in your passion as much as you do. Additionally, you should learn how to align a company’s vision with creative talents.

Once you create your brand, Edwin Miranda advises you to leverage it in your favor by giving clients a sharp edge in the marketplace. Additionally, while expanding your business, delegation is the key to getting a lot of things done. Having a strong team is the only sure way to navigate whichever challenges come your way as you implement your expansion plans.

As a family man, Edwin Miranda enjoys spending time with his family whenever he can. Consequently, he sets aside time to enjoy breakfast with them before heading off for the rest of the day. To maintain his health, he takes time to work out every morning.

Visit his website: https://edwin-miranda.com/