L’Oreal Paris Takes On A More Inclusive Route At Annual Show, Backed Up By Nicolas Krafft

Inclusivity has become one of the more important facets of the fashion and beauty industry, especially when it comes to brands like L’Oreal Paris who have a wide range of customers and a user base of people from around the world. The company has always stood as a notable name within this industry, and the newest course of action that the company has taken on has indeed helped them improve their overall reach. One of the places in which the brand has managed to bring forth this perception is when it comes to the runway and their live shows. Because live shows are an important part of the industry and the reach that the brand wants to have, they had to find a way to make it more inclusive and appeal to this socially conscious side that people tend to have.

The Annual L’Oreal Paris fashion and beauty show was held in the beautiful French Capital and was set against one of the most beautiful and breathtaking backdrops. In the midst of this, the brand put forth a widely inclusive image, showcased one of the most diverse lineups of models that the industry has ever seen. These models all collectively showcased the latest looks of the season, and sported some of the wide ranges of products and fashion that the brand has to offer. The move to have such an inclusive stage was because of the aim of the brand to put forward the idea that fashion and beauty should be accessible and unique in its own right.

The powerhouse individuals behind the company have indeed been one of the bigger reasons for the direction that the company is now taking. One individual who has played a large role in the new approach that L’Oreal Paris is taking is Nicolas Krafft, who stands as the Global Business Development Vice President. In this position, he has helped the company move in a direction that has been favorable for their growth and development, and which has worked positively for the reach that they have. Through these efforts, Krafft has been able to offer this guidance to the employees and the global scale offices belonging to L’Oreal Paris.